Events not saving

I have 4 cameras 2 oudoor , 2 c24, 2 2k indoor cams,
Recently events stopped showing up, i have the cloud storage and sd storage but none the events isnt saving, it stopped about a few hours ago on all cameras.

Yep, same thing here on my Doorbell Cam that records to an SD card…
I’ll get a notification of detected movement but nothing is recorded within the apps events. Though I am able to view the recorded video if I tap-on the notification bar events.
Perhaps all the trick or treaters overloaded Eufy.

Same here I can’t see any of my recordings after 5pm today.

There was a aservice outage, things should be working again.

I’m also thinking if this could be the case, too many responses and alerts from users devices going back to eufy servers and bringing the service(s) down :thinking: