Events are not being recorded

Receiving notifications though no events are being recorded displayed to reference back to.


Yea same here too lol i think something is wrong with there service, because my cameras been acting up, my doorbell cam now does not work as well i get no feed.

Thanks! I have tried to reset the homebase turn on and off the cameras. Receiving an error 503 code.


Which cameras do you have?

Yep same here. 503 error when trying to change settings.
No videos are recording.

Same here, recorded events not showing in the app. But cameras are working and Homebase storage is decreasing when events occur.

Same here. Was working 4 hours ago and now nothing. Cant even record by pressing record on live feed.

Seems alot of people are having issues at the same time so prob not an issue with my setup specifically. Maybe their servers?

Most likely if its happening to alot of ppl

EufyCam one

Same here. I get a notification but when I go to Events it says no events recorded that day.

First I had a battery that drained within two weeks. Eufy replaced it. It still drains faster than advertised, within two months. There is little activity and we live in Houston so weather and false events are not draining it. Now it’s not recording. I’m very disappointed with this product.

The wired cameras are always better but as for the events not saving that seems to be their issues with servers.

Stopped working about 6:30p. Powerd camers and Homebase off/on. Deleted and readded security settings. Powered cable modem and router off/on. Uninstalled Eufy app and reinstalled. Cameras work and show live video. They trigger on with events and appear to record video to Homebase. Homebase storage size decreases. But no video event displays in the app event timeline.

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Same here.
Powered off base station, then on. It only shows events until noon.
Even notifications still come in, can see the video playback, but new events don’t get added to the event list.
I am guessing some cloud service outage, unrelated to the homebase device or app itself.
My Android Eufy Security app was updated last September 28th. Can’t tell when the Homebase 2 was last updated. However, same is happening with the indoor cam, which does not use Homebase2.

I called them. They are aware of the server issues. Impact is no recordings and several settings won’t stick/save.
They couldn’t provide an ETA but they’re aware and on it.


Eufy couldn’t pick a better day for their servers to go down. My settings are stuck and I can’t turn off my lights. I’ve had lots of visitors this evening :ghost:….just another reason why I’m looking for another security option.

I’m hoping it wasn’t another breach. Or maybe they’re just spending too much time trying to create new products that they can’t get what they have working correctly. Leadership is a joke.

UPDATE: At least my 24/7 cameras are recording everything…along with those that I have connected to Homekit.


Same issue with my 1080p battery doorbell with the Eufy chime that recordes to an SD card. This occurred about 6PM on Sunday.
I don’t think that there servers should have anything to do with that, not recording to my SD card?
Recorded events not showing up in the app, but if I tap on the notification I received I am able to view the recorded video??

I’m having the same issue. I’m curious why Eufy’s severs going down affects my ability to log and save events on my equipment? Shouldn’t this be a local process?

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I’ve only had the system for a week and working well until this morning when nothing has been recorded. I’ve restarted the home base multiple times and restarted my phone. Why is the system reliant on the servers when I haven’t opted for cloud?

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Same here my doorbell is not recording since 5:21 p.m today I’ve reset and still no recording I’ve even updated on the app and still it does not fix this issue it’s on eufy server this need to be fixed immediately it’s having issues for all of us on Halloween when we need our recording to work frowning sad and now I do not feel safe.

Why is the system reliant on the servers when I haven’t opted for cloud?

It’s pretty much standard practice for smart devices (e.g. Homebase) to smartphone app connection to go through the cloud servers, instead of directly through Wifi. This is why most providers also store the video in the cloud.
Now, from all possible designs, the event list is at least processed in the cloud and possibly more.
So, perhaps you thought it’s all local, but it’s not.