EufySecurity high battery usage

Does anybody else have issues with EufySecurity being flagged as having excessive battery usage for to background activity? My phone is an S8. The OS wants me to put the app to sleep, but if I do that, I’ll not get timely notifications from my Video-Doorbell, so that is not an option.


I’m on s10 and eufy app has been flagged for battery usage.

Eufy Security app on my Google Pixel 3 is a huge battery drain. I get twice the battery drain since installing this app. Tried disabling background battery usage but no change.

Sounds weird :thinking: I use iPhone 7 and never shown as high battery usage related to eufy app. It doesn’t get activated until there is an event.

So it seems the issue is with Android only

I have an S9 and never received a high battery usage notification.

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Oneplus 7 Pro on android 10, disabled battery optimisation so it can run loose. Never had a warning either.

same here. eufy security is using ridiculous amount of battery usages. 45% of my battery since last charge. happy with the doorbell, but the issue withthe app makes it unusable. doorbell will be sent back tomorrow

I have an S8 and received the same message. I disabled “Allow background data usage” under Mobile data and “Allow background activity” under Battery settings. That resolved this issue. However, if the app is closed, my notifications come in with a significant delay (longest has been 4 minutes). If the app is open, notifications come in right away.

I’d like to know what Eufy is doing polling wise that is causing this to happen. Does the software need to constantly poll the device? The notification should be initiated by the device and the resulting push will not be a constant drain on the phone.
I recently upgraded my phone and Eufy Security is still showing up on the “abusers” list. I really don’t want to have any delay on the notification, so the problem persists. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Brand new user here. Happy with my tilt. Everything is gorgeous but… Battery drain is real. Can’t keep it if this doesn’t go away…

Just installed eufy wired doorbell on Easter and the battery usage is crazy on my iphone 11. I tried everything to get it to use less battery but no luck. Have to charge my phone 2 times aday is unexceptable. Going to send it back and use a good old door bell ding dong.

Same here. Eufy doorbell owner since a week. Also struggling to get the battery optimization setting right. “Do not optimize” works best with notifications coming through directly. However, that is also quite a battery drainer on my Oneplus Nord.
My household members on iPhones seem to not have the same issue with delayed notifications.

Draining battery here too, on android. They need to spend more money on software. Hardware quality is secondary if you cant interface with it capably.

Same problem here on Android. Battery usage is extreme. Android 11. Oneplus 7t pro.