EufySecurity App High Battery Drain

This has been an issue for months, among other issues, this is a serious problem. Does Eufy fix anything? Initially I was considering buying more cameras for around my property, but due to things like this, I haven’t purchased anything. Considering just dropping Eufy completely and going with Google or something. Am I alone here?

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I believe this has something to do with location services permissions on your phone. Try disabling location services permission on the phone app. Note this will disable any geofencing ability in the app.

Hmm… I’m doubtful, but I’ll try it and report back

Well, what you suggested does seem to work. Glad I was wrong, and appreciate the help, thank you. Do you have a fix for the live feed not supporting bluetooth audio as well?

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The app doesn’t have Location permissions on my phones, nevertheless the battery usage is still huge.

None of my Android phones or tablets have location enabled and battery usage is still ridiculously high. Poor coding is my guess. If I shut down the app at night, my phone only uses about 5% all night long and notifications come through immediately. If I leave it running, it eats about 20 to 30% over 8 hours.

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Same here on Android 11. Oneplus 7t pro.