Eufycam2c not detecting motion

Hi - I’ve recently installed two EufyCam2c devices with Homebase and the camera at the rear of my property is detecting and working fine but the camera installed at the front of the property is not picking up … I did purchase a 3rd camera as well so have swapped it out for this one but still the same …

I have changed all the motion settings several times and have created and deleted various detection zones and, event changed the location of the camera but the amount of detections vs the non-detections is really really poor … even when I put it on “all motions” there is no improvement …

I don’t think the camera is too high (c. 2.5m) and the range detection to the home base for wi-fi signal when I did the check on install was “very good” so a bit of a loss here as to what’s going on …

Can anyone help ?!?!

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I just posted about a similar issue… I thought that perhaps it’s not detecting me as the system owner. Is yours not detecting anything for anyone?

Yep - it’s not detecting for anyone … really frustrating :slightly_frowning_face:

I had some motion issues when setting up the cameras and switching modes around. What I think fixed it was going into the security mode (away/home) and unchecking ‘record video’ for each cam, saving then rechecking the box. Idk though. Also had to point the the camera up a bit more to get motions further out.

I’ll give that a go and let you know how I get on :smiley:

Cheers for the advice :+1:t2:

I have the same issue, has anyone resolved this yet?

Nope … not made any difference … Looks like I’ll be taking advantage of the no quibble 30day warranty return and back to researching something different :man_shrugging:t2:

Comparable Issue here (formerly posted in the wrong community…):

I have a new eufy 2C installed at my front door. I noticed, that motion detection is not always working. It is not a general problem, some motion is detected, some not. I thought it may be a lighting problem, but this doesn’t make sense. Within a short time a motion far away (edge of detection zone) triggers recording, but the parcel service moving to the door is not recorded.
I already played aroung with sensitivity, until now this didn`t bring desired efects.

Any ideas or good practice?

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I thought the same with the lighting and I physically moved the camera to a different point (basically from one side of the house to the other) … but no change at all.

It’s quite bizarre because the one at the rear of the house is working great and if anything - further away from the Homebase as well … so that rules out internet and WiFi issues …

Really frustrating … COME ON EUFY ADMINS … surely you must be monitoring these posts and have some suggestions :man_shrugging:t2:

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Same issue over here. Having three cameras, worked like a charm for over a year, suddenly one of them stopped detecting motion and generating events and don’t get it working anymore. On top, battery consumption of that camera drastically increased (charging once a year -> charging every month). Any help would be appreciated!

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getting the same issue. no recording whatsoever. I just went and put the garbage out three trips and the camera did not record at all. What is going on Eufy need some help @Mengdi

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I’ve had some success by changing the surveillance setting in power management to optimal surveillance and it’s now detecting what I expect it to detect … So will see how this goes for a few days - although this will have a big impact on battery life so whilst it makes it work … I now expect that I’ll have to be charging the camera on a regular basis or invest in one of the solar chargers :man_shrugging:t2:

I have a similar issue now.
I think since the last firmware upgrade motion detection is random.
Previously my cameras would pick up foxes and cats in the garden especially at night,. Now it’s never detected anything for a month or two.
People are detected occasionally.
I’ve done a full reset, pair etc… and still the same.
I’m feeling this system is now a waste of money.
Not happy at all.


Since the latest firmware updates all my 2Pro and 2C motion detection is not working as well as before? Took a while to get my cameras at the perfect angle for motion detection as well. Have changed to maximum 7 sensitivity but still no motion until you are right next to the cameras. I have now changed the angle of my cameras higher to compensate, not sure if this will work. Why does firmware updates always make things much worse on these cameras, it seems every time?

I also had auto night vision not working on my 2Pro cameras since the update!


Just get them dialed in and …BOOM. How bout an opt out option for forced updates!?! ( not holding my breath )

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Hey guys, still the same. Cams were fully charged 2 days ago. Clear weather and recording only occasionally. Furthermore the data protection zones are gone from one day to another.
In general I like the cameras but if I cannot trust their functions things get questionable…

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same problem. over the last month detection is totally random but mostly not working no matter what I do. restarts etc

Me pasa lo mismo, realizando diversas pruebas detecte que la HB2 tiene conflicto con la red WIFI 2.4, sobretodo con el canal 1 y sumado a esto la red de los vecinos, no es capaz de aislar las restantes redes, esto genera que algunas cámaras dejen de funcionar, creo que EUFY debería habilitar la opción de cambiar el canal que ocupa la HB2 y elegir uno que no este saturado.
Pueden verificar lo que digo con alguna app que muestre las redes WIFI, la red que ocupa el HB2 se llama hidden y generalmente está en el canal 1.

Totally fed up now with this system. I’ve asked for a refund as after 280 days the detection is abysmal.
Cameras are cleaned every week, but since the firware update a few months ago, detection is a joke.
Cannot trust this system to do what it’s supposed to do. NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.

Very disappointed with eufy.


I only bought the 2C at the beginning of June and really disappointed with the detection. I switched to these as the Ring camera battery was awful, but far better at detecting movement.