eufyCam2 - Pro - Different versions - Problems

I have received two different Cameras:

First Camera: eufyCam 2 Pro is print on Camera body although I bought eufyCam 2 without Pro and Model is: T8140

Second Camera: eufyCam 2 Pro is also printed on Camera body although I bought eufyCam 2 without Pro and Model is: T8140R

So first question what is the different between the Model T8140 and T8140R. Which one is newer? And what are the different?

Second question , in the eufyApp I checked Firmware and see big different:

Cam with T8140: Systemversion 7.0.4, Subsystem-Version: 1.0.98-20210826

Cam with T8140R: Systemversion, Subsystem-Version:

Can you exactly explain me here what are the differents? Do you no longer sell eufycam 2?

Can I get only eufyCam 2 Pros? The eufyCam 2 Pros have big problems with HomeKit and are not usable!

Q1: There’s probably no operational difference between the two cameras and I’ll say R is the newer one.

Check the user manuals and see if you can find a copyright printed date on them.

Q2: Different firmware… Means that the two cameras are using a different processor chip. There was a shortage on chips so that’s the reason.

Yeah, I couldn’t find any eufyCam2 only either.

Found these device test reports.

Hi @jd164 !

Okay thank you for fast reply. I have problems with the T8140R. If I connected it to HomeKit I have video errors. The same errors in the eufyApp and the records. The cams are 2 meters away from HomeBase. Attached you find a picture. And the video feed is stucking and stopping with double bar in the video:-(. The big problem is the stopping of the video. Also in HomeKit the records often are only 2 seconds longs. With the T8140 I have no Reproducible errors.

Well, I’m unable to assist you @Oliver94
with HomeKit as I don’t use it. Perhaps someone else will reply.

As for the T8140R cam see if there is an firmware update available, they usually auto update while you’re setting them up but, just double check that out.

Also just to rule out a poor Wi-Fi connection with the HomeBase… And this may possibly make you climb up a ladder & reposition the cams _ is to swap out the 2 camera locations with each other. If the T8140R is having the same problem in the other location then I would return the cam and purchase a replacement.

Or if you don’t want to do the above test just move the HomeBase closer to the T8140R to see if it solves the issue :grin:

Good luck