eufyCam2 Motion detection doesn't catch past 7 feet - utube attached!

As the title says, it literally doesn’t catch anything past 7 feet. 7 Feet if it’s lucky.
Majority of the time is at 4 ft or less which is completely pointless for a security cam.

I’ve made a youtube video showing more details on this.
Can anyone please help me figure out how to fix this?

How are people getting 15 feet, heck anything past 10 ft would be amazing.

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Haadsecure is correct. You have too step of an angle.

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so I have to raise up the angle of the cam and not the height correct?
The reason I have it pointed so low is to catch my full front yard. This way I can catch if a dog is doing it’s business on my yard (which I have been having problems) or if someone is walking into my front yard.

I actually have a doorbell too that covers the other angle, I just upped the sensitivity on it to get more.
I’ll bring it down and raise it up.

Thank you!
I really wish eufy would do something about this and change the design or explain to customers, it’s so frustrating.

As stated the angle is most likely the issue. A visual below…

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It’s not smart motion detection. It uses cheap IR sensor not pixel analysis.

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Could you move the camera onto the house?

Possibly in a shaded spot because of the sunlight like @JonnyBravo mentioned, it will also give you more angle and range as @jmiller148 @Haadsecure have said.

I’m waiting for a hooded silicone covers to be released, as on sunny days I get absolutely nowt on my one camera.

Hey guys,
So moving the camera angle up did help with the motion detection.
It does suck that I lose our on seeing the bottom video and have to get more of the sky in my footage but at least motion works now.

If eufy would use a better setup with the motion, then this can would work so much better.

Still disappointed though since this cam doesn’t really cover the area’s I want it to.


Don’t feel too bad. I had to give up things to be happy with my setup too. I have tape over almost half a sensor to keep it from driving me crazy! Glad it helped.