EufyCam2 Motion and Power Settings Keep Changing

Since the Homebase firmware updates this month, I keep having issues with my camera settings. Here’s my setup:

*1 Homebase2
*4 EufyCam2
*All cameras are plugged into weather proofed USB power
*All cameras are set to detect all motion and custom record set to the Max (120 seconds with 5 second re-trigger). I always want to record as much as I can since I’m powered via USB.

Once the last firmware update occurred, I noticed my cameras are not picking up as much. I then noticed my settings were changed to “human only” and the lowest consuming power option. I have tried multiple restarts. Sometimes it sticks for a couple of days and then the settings revert back. Very frustrating! Sending this to Eufy support as well.

Anyone else experiencing this?!


Same issue here. I keep changing my settings and the next day it goes back to Human Only and Optimal Battery.


Thanks for the reply - glad to know it’s not just me. I had an email out to support. They told me to log out and log back into the app. But this didn’t work as the settings changed again after about 24 hours. I have another email to support and am awaiting their reply. Very frustrating.

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I have noticed the same problem. I have two Eufy cam 2 and two Eufy cam 2c. I use the cam2’s on my driveway to detect cars coming in and have them set to all motion, recently they are reverting to human only and I miss cars entering my driveway. I have reset them several times over the last week and they keep changing back.

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This is the update I received from Support. They are saying HomeKit is changing the motion and power settings?
“With regard to your concern, we are so sorry to confirm with you if you enable the Homekit function for this system? If yes, please know the Apple will change these settings. Our back end engineers are now working hard to communicate with Apple, and we will try to solve it by the new firmware.”

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I was told a few weeks ago that this is the new default behavior by Eufy for HomeKit when cameras are NOT using HomeKit Secure Video.

Eufy will default all cameras to Optimal Battery and Human Only when HomeKit is being used. Even if you change the settings, they will revert back.

If you assign the camera to use HomeKit Secure Video though, it will go to All Motion and Optimal Surveillance.

I can understand the need to change the settings when the cameras are first added to HomeKit, however, the cameras not saving the settings and reverting back is the problem.

Eufy told me that this is the behavior now with the EufyCams and HomeKit and it is working as expected.

The only way to make these cameras usable for me now is to take them OUT of HomeKit…which was one of the main reasons I purchased.

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Thanks for sharing. I have not been using HSV at all since my experience using it was not very good (too many missed motion/events). I turned HSV off and only have been using the Eufy app since. All worked fine for months until now, after this latest firmware update. Hoping they have a fix for this.

I agree, I was thinking about adding a doorbell and another camera but this is a deal breaker for me. This is not working as expected when everything works fine for a while and then you change everything.

Hmmmm?!?! I now wonder if my cams are switching to human only? Something new to test!!

I have two cam2 pro cams on my drive ( only job ) And two 2c cams elsewhere but they catch a bit of the driveway out of the corner of their view. Several mornings now a Vehicle will drive up and the only cams recording are the 2c cams. After my normal reboot cycle I have mastered … all 4 cams pickup perfectly again for the day. Hmmmm!.

Never thought to walk out past those cams to see if they picked me up. I figured they just went offline somehow during the night. ( had that problem before)

I use a schedule that changes a few times overnight.

I don’t use HomeKit… I only use all motion… and my settings don’t change in the app. (They are right where I set them)

Will test out human only on its next hiccup. Thanks for sharing. I was about to give up on my schedule figuring that was the problem.

Hello, please advise if this has been rectified. Battery performance shouldn’t be affected by HomeKit. After all, like many others I bought these cameras because of HomeKit integration.

Thank you