Eufycam2 homebase is off no power

Suddenly the homebase is off (no power) and i tried to unplug the power plug it again with no luck, i even switch the power socket with no luck.

The homebase completely off with no lights from front or back from network.

What to do now?

Also, how i can get my data out from the homebase while it is no powering up?

Sounds like your power adapter might be bad. The plug in the back of the homebase2 takes 12 volts dc at 2 amps. If you have a voltmeter, you should be able to measure the voltage at the homebase. Mine measured 12.17 vdc.

If it doesn’t have the required voltage then you should be able to find a power adapter that will work at any local electronics store. Make sure that the center pin of the connector that fits in the homebase is the positive pin.

You won’t be able to reclaim any existing video unless the homebase can connect to the network.