eufyCam S330 does not save the videos on my HomeBase S380

For some reason the video that my eufyCam S330 are not been save in the HomeBase S380 hard drive.
I think is a bug in the HomeBase S380, because the video are saved on some place, but the HomeBase S380 dont reflect that


Just to say I have the same behaviour with the same Homebase and same cameras. The app displays some videos which seem not to be stored on local hdd, since it appears 100% available

Eufy contact me and they are going to send me a replacement for the homebase, ass son I have it I will update if that fixed the issue or not

Thanks for the info, I stay in touch

Today I got the new Homebase that eufy sended to replace my old one.
I am sad to report that the same issue is happening with the new one. I don’t think this is a hardware issue it feels like a software issue. Maybe there is a big and eufy had not released. Will try to contact them again. :sob::sob::sob:

I am having this same issue. I have a properly formatted Samsung 1TB SSD installed in my HB3 with 3-S330 and 1-Solocam S340. S340 records to the HB3 but not the S330s.

Could is be that is saving to the 16GB internal Homebase3? I would remove the HD and check:
-Are the videos still available?
-Where are the new ones saved?

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I had notice something, at the beginning the home base was only indicating that the hard drive had 100% free. But when the homebase start falling using the hard drive (this is another bigger issue that start happening a few days ago, and is affecting other people according to eufy), after this other issue the homebase star reporting correctly the free space

Yeah i have the same problem nothing is being saved to Home Base 3.

Jumping on this thread as my 2 S380 Homebase’s are also not recording to the hard drives???

I had notice something with this issue.

  • The video are available.
  • And the are new one been save.

I think what is happening is that the Homebase is saving the videos in the internal memory and not using the external SSD.

I notices that the information is there, every time that I remove the SSD from the homebase


Maybe this is the main issue.

I still have the same issue, even with a new hard drive (Crucial SSD). The app showed the storage availability for some days and then nothing

What does Eufy wait for to solve this problem ???

I have the same issue.
Installed 1TB Seagate barracuda.
My video captures are being stored, but my homebase S380 is still showing 100% available on the HDD.

Same problem this side with a Sandisk 480GB SSD Plus. Any idea if this is isolated to an unfortunate few or everyone??

S330 Home Base not savings video clips. I corrected this by performing the following steps using my Android phone Eufy Security App. >Open a camera view and select … >Click on the Gear/Settings Icon >Select General >Select Storage >Select NAS CRTSP >Select Yes for NAS >Select Next RTSP > Select Have Installed >Enable RTSP >Confirm Secure Stream >Select OK username and p/w > Have Configured DONE. Give it some time to catch up and establish communication between base and camera. Hope this Helps.


My E330 cameras erase all videos at 12pm. Is there any way to see the day before? I have 1024 GB

Hi. Bumping this back to see if anyone’s found a solution for this issue. I’m having the same issue after buying the s330 cameras and the Homebase 3.

I have this s380 base along with 5 different camera all lastest release there
s340 doorbell ,
s340 360 cameras ,
c210 solo cam ,
s350 indoor camera, and
s40 .
I have Samsung ssd 1tb 960 installed . Shows installed and formated.

It’s been 30 days now and does not record to the SSD hard drive . I see people down
2023 having issue what was the fix ?

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I’ve got the same problem with a brand new (literally 2 week old) Homebase3 device with a brand new SSD (1TB)

Is there ANY fix coming for this ?

Makes the purchase of this device a total waste of money.

If i can’t access the videos, the device is useless for video storage.

I also have the same issue…no recordings

Any suggestions? I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, still nothing.