eufyCam S330 does not save the videos on my HomeBase S380

For some reason the video that my eufyCam S330 are not been save in the HomeBase S380 hard drive.
I think is a bug in the HomeBase S380, because the video are saved on some place, but the HomeBase S380 dont reflect that


Just to say I have the same behaviour with the same Homebase and same cameras. The app displays some videos which seem not to be stored on local hdd, since it appears 100% available

Eufy contact me and they are going to send me a replacement for the homebase, ass son I have it I will update if that fixed the issue or not

Thanks for the info, I stay in touch

Today I got the new Homebase that eufy sended to replace my old one.
I am sad to report that the same issue is happening with the new one. I don’t think this is a hardware issue it feels like a software issue. Maybe there is a big and eufy had not released. Will try to contact them again. :sob::sob::sob: