Eufycam over sensitive - alerts every couple minutes - recent change?

Hi all. I have has four Eufycams for over a year now, and up until recently have had no problems. In the last few weeks, i’ve noticed a serious uptick in notifications for no particular reason when i never used to get them. For instance, it rained the other day and the cameras went crazy reporting all the rain drops it would. The sensitivity for all cameras was around 70 and this this was never a problem previously. I have now dropped the sensitivity to 1 (one) for all of the cameras and this seems to have resolved except for one particular camera which still alerts me for everything. Its now 8.20 and i have 18 alerts from this camera in the last 20 minutes. This never used to happen. The videos recorded are 5 seconds long and show nothing. This obviously frustrating with the amount of notifications im getting, which i dont want to turn off incase there’s an alert that i actually want to be aware. And its also a serious drain on the battery.

I’ve also tried changing the detection zone, but seeing as i dont now what its picking up, its hard to cater for that. I took it down the other day to charge and gave it a clean so its certainly not covered in spiders webs or other bugs that would be triggering it.

My question is, has there been a software update recently that has changed sensitivity or has my camera simply decided to go rogue?