EufyCam Original Homebase and Cameras no longer recording motion only events

Hi All,

The most recent firmware update (homebase only -, cameras are on last year firmware with no updates) has rendered these cameras totally useless. The Human AI is poor at the best of times - particularly at night when these cameras are most useful but I had a good combination of Person Alerts (notification) but record everything for 1 minute with 5 second intervals. I also had automation such that motion on one camera starts recording on the other and vice versa.

Fast forward to the update and now the camera has a fancy new Human AI feature where it totally discards anything it deems to not have a human in it. It’s discarded some 300 clips now - nothing useful anymore. What makes this even more infuriating is that when motion triggers the other camera (either side of the house) the other one starts recording and stores the video.

There is no way in the app to turn this feature off and it would appear instructions exist for Version 2 cameras. I raised this with support only to be told someone is working on fixing the firmware. I’m posting this as no one else has posted specifically for V1 cameras. Unfortunately they are outside of warranty now so I can’t return them and buy a system not beholden to someone’s opinion on how to make these cameras work.

Honestly, the Smart Camera space started off well but when your cameras can literally change the day after someone attempts to break into your car - you can’t trust that same company for good old reliable video recordings.

Also: battery life is now at 55% since the update with about 20 clips to show for it 9 days in. So either way you slice it, it’s not a feature I asked for nor is it something I’d wish on cameras that require you to recharge them. I was OK with 3 monthly charges… but at this rate they’ll be flat by the end of the month.

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Nearly two weeks since I raised this as a serious issue and absolutely nothing from support on an update or replies to this query. Battery finally ran out today having only recorded some 10 clips a day.

I cannot believe this company thinks it’s OK to mess about with a security camera in this way that it doesn’t record motion, not have an option to disable this feature and provide zero updates to Homebase users on a 12 month old product.