eufyCam NAS/RTSP

Hi. The RTSP feature on the Eufy Homebase needs a rethink
Due to the NAS pulling from the camera, rather than RTSP being push to storage you will often get chopped or missing recordings as the Camera stream will report as offline. This puts you at the mercy of the NAS devices retry interval.

Since it is the homebase that sends the RTSP stream a better solution would be to always send a video stream which could be as simple as a static eufySecurity watermark and then swap this for a live image when the camera is activated.

The result would be that the NAS device would always have a connection and it can use it’s own motion detection to strip out the eufy logo if necessary, the point is make the storage efficiency the NAS devices problem and not yours.

On the supject of RTSP/NAS, please can this be brought to other eufySecurity products, with particular focus on the floodlight cams as they have the potential to record 24/7