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Ah, the indoor/ outdoor camera. It’s where I got my start, which is why I’m particularly excited to review the eufyCam E. eufy started with the RoboVac series and has since expanded into smart light bulbs, plugs, scales, security cameras, and more. In this review, I’ll be putting the eufyCam E through Security Baron’s Necessary Features test to see if it’s up to the highest of standards. Then I’ll take a look at its mobile application and compare it to some competition to see if it’s worthwhile purchase for your smart home. Let’s get started with the eufyCam E review!


eufyCam E

eufyCam E

The eufyCam E boasts 1080p HD video, a wide 140 degree field of view, free local storage, great infrared night vision and an integration with Amazon Alexa.


Promised Features

eufyCam E Box

The eufyCam E Box

It feels like Christmas morning when the eufy box comes in, and boy, are they making promises. Here’s what I’m most excited about:

  • Year-long battery life: Yes, you read that right. As this camera is completely wireless and can be used indoors or outdoors, I’m pleased to see that I’ll only have to replace the battery once a year.
  • 1080p HD video: Of course, the eufyCam E has the industry standard of 1080p HD video display.
  • Two-way audio: Plus, you can speak to whoever you’re recording with two-way audio.

Okay, now let’s open the box and see if these promises are true.

First Impressions

eufyCam E

eufyCam E

At first glance, the eufyCam E looks strikingly similar to the Arlo Pro 2 . The camera has a shiny white facing with a black, pill-shaped camera that continues onto the ground. Keep in mind that you’ll need the HomeBase Kit in order to use the camera. The HomeBase Kit is another shiny white object, more of a rectangular prism than the rounded eufyCam E. Of course, one of this camera’s main attractions is that its batteries last a whopping 365 days.

It comes with a mount so you can screw it onto any flat surface , which I’m curious about. Plus, the camera has a slot for a micro-SD card for local storage. Eufy even gives you a 16-GB micro-SD card which should store up to a year’s worth of footage! With a speaker and microphone for two-way audio, the camera looks like it’s up to snuff.

eufyCam E

eufyCam E Closeup

Obviously, with an indoor/ outdoor camera, you want to make sure it can handle even the toughest of weather conditions. eufy claims that their camera works in temperatures from negative four to 122 degrees Fahrenheit , which is pretty impressive. Concurrently, it has an IP rating of 65, which means its completely dust tight and can handle up to 6.3 mm water jets from any direction. As long as you don’t use more powerful jets or immerse it in water, it should continue to work through rain, sleet, and snow.

Necessary Features

eufyCam E Necessary Features Test

eufyCam E Necessary Features Test

Now it’s time for my favorite part of any home security camera review, Security Baron’s Necessary Features Test. It’s how I review cameras in terms of video, audio, night vision, storage, artificial intelligence, smart home platform integration, convenience, and finally, overall value. Let’s see if the eufyCam E is up to snuff.


eufyCam E Video Display

eufyCam E Video Display

Like I said, the eufyCam E has the industry standard of 1080p HD video display plus a wide field of view of 140 degrees. Unfortunately, the camera can’t zoom in optically , so you won’t be able to see as much detail as you may like. Still, full marks for video!

Night Vision

eufyCam E Night Vision

eufyCam E Night Vision

The eufyCam E has infrared night vision, which I prefer over a bright white light. Although the latter will produce night vision in color, it’ll also be glaringly (no pun intended) obvious to anyone you’re recording, and I like security cameras that monitor in stealth. Full marks for night vision!


Fortunately, the eufyCam E has two-way audio so you can speak to whoever your camera is on. This feature is useful for a couple reasons. One, it can just make it easier to communicate with people from other locations and two, if you do end up having an intrusion, you can scare them from near or far. I’ve seen videos of intruders leaving the house upon hearing owners telling them to leave, so it’s extremely useful. Full marks!


eufy Cloud Storage Plans

eufy Cloud Storage Plans

As the eufyCam E comes with a 16 GB micro-SD card , you can always store your footage locally, or you can pay for cloud storage. The pricing for cloud storage is extremely affordable , only $2.99 for a month of storage on one camera. I’ve seen prices as high as $30 a month for the same amount of time, so this is incredibly reasonable.

I will say that figuring out how cloud storage worked was a bit of a hassle and actually required contacting Eufy. But despite this, I’m still giving the eufyCam E full marks for storage!

Smart Platform Integration

Amazon Echo Show Features

Got Alexa? You’re in luck. The eufyCam E integrates with Amazon Alexa , so you’ll be able to command it using your voice alone. Unfortunately, it won’t work with Google Assistant, so I can’t recommend it if you’re looking for a security camera that’ll integrate with your Google ecosystem. Still, full marks for smart platform integration.

Artificial Intelligence

Person Detection

Unfortunately, the eufyCam E lacks artificial intelligence in the form of person detection or facial recognition, so you might receive some unnecessary notifications. No marks for A.I.


Setting up your eufyCam E is a three-step process. First, you’ll download the Eufy Security app , which will guide you through the installation process. After plugging in the HomeBase both to power and to the router with the included ethernet cable, you’ll run through a firmware update and add the device. Now you can decide how to mount your camera, either magnetically or threaded and hung up outside with the outdoor mount. As its a wire free camera, installation is easier than it would be if you had to deal with cords. Full marks for convenience!


With the HomeBase, the camera kit costs $237.99, which is a bit on the higher side for security cameras. However, because the eufyCam E has a battery with a life of one year, I think its worth it. Full marks for value!


One extra feature? The eufyCam E has a built-in 100-decibel siren , about as loud as a rock band or jackhammer. You can see how this would be useful in the event of an intrusion!

The eufy Security App

eufy Security App

The eufy Security App

You’ll monitor and control your camera using the Eufy Security app. It’s where you’ll livestream footage, access cloud storage, arm or disarm your camera, speak through two-way audio, receive notifications, and even create a schedule for your camera to arm and disarm, if you’d like. The app has great ratings, a 4.3 from the Apple store and a four from the Google Play store.

“The app is easy to use to watch live cameras or watch relays from motion activated activity. You can custom name each camera so know from the notification which camera was tripped. I’m very pleased,”

wrote an iPhone user in a recent four-star review.


eufyCam E

eufyCam E

The eufyCam E boasts 1080p HD video, a wide 140 degree field of view, free local storage, great infrared night vision and an integration with Amazon Alexa.



Now I want to compare the eufyCam E to two of its competitors, the Arlo Ultra 4K camera and the Nest Cam Outdoor, both of which are okay to use indoors and outdoors.

Arlo Ultra 4K

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera

Arlo Ultra 4K Camera

The Arlo Ultra 4K camera and the eufyCam E have much in common, including 1080p HD video, no zoom abilities, infrared night vision, two-way audio, and integrations with Amazon Alexa.

However, the Ultra has the widest possible field of view of 180 degrees , while the eufyCam E has a field of view 40 degrees more narrow. The Ultra offers color night vision from a bright white light, unlike the eufyCam E, plus person detection and an integration with Google Assistant . As far as storage goes, both cameras give you free local storage , but the Ultra also gives you a week of cloud storage on the house , while the eufyCam E only has paid cloud storage options.

However, the real advantage that the eufyCam E has over the Arlo Ultra is pricing. While the Arlo Ultra and the Arlo Hub cost about $400, the eufyCam E and HomeBase ring in at about $237, more than $150 cheaper. Ultimately, your decision will really come down to what you value. If person detection, color night vision, free cloud storage and a Google Assistant integration to you are very important, then the Ultra may be worth its exorbitant price tag. If not, go with the eufyCam E.

To learn more, read our full review of the Arlo Ultra 4K camera.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

What do the Nest Cam Outdoor and the eufyCam E have in common? For starters, they’re equally as durable with IP ratings of 65 , they both have the industry standard of 1080p HD, plus infrared night vision, two-way audio and integrations with Amazon Alexa.

But that’s where the similarities end. While the eufyCam E has a field of view ten degrees more than that of the Nest Cam Outdoor at 140, the Nest Cam Outdoor can zoom in eight times compared to zero with the eufyCam E. Another example is storage. Nest doesn’t give you any local storage , while the eufyCam E comes with a 16 GB micro-SD card. But while the Nest Cam Outdoor comes with three hours of free cloud storage, Eufy’s cloud storage options are all paid, starting at $2.99 a month for 30 days. This same amount of time would cost $30 a month with the Nest Cam Outdoor, so ultimately, the eufyCam E definitely wins for storage.

The Nest Cam Outdoor has more smart platform integrations than the eufyCam E, not just Alexa but also Google Assistant and Philips Hue lightbulbs. And while the Nest Cam Outdoor can differentiate between people and other moving objects , the eufyCam E has no A.I features.

If you don’t already have a HomeBase, the eufyCam E costs more than the Nest Cam Outdoor by about $38, but if you already have it, it’s cheaper by $20. I would go with the Nest Cam Outdoor for its person detection, unless you’re an iPhone user in which case, stick with the eufyCam E. To learn more, read my full review of the Nest Cam Outdoor .

Recap of the eufyCam E

So, is the eufyCam E worth its price tag? While it’s not one of my favorite security cameras of all time, I think it’s a nice choice.

I’d buy the eufyCam E if you’d like…

  • Amazon Alexa integration: If you’re already in the Amazon ecosystem, the eufyCam E would be a great addition.
  • Free local storage: Plus, eufy gives you a micro-SD card, which is a nice bonus.
  • Great video, audio and night vision: The eufyCam E meets and exceeds industry standards with 1080p HD video, an 140 degree field of view, two-way audio, and infrared night vision.

But steer clear if you definitely don’t want…

  • No person detection: The eufyCam E can’t tell the difference between people and other moving objects, so you may get some notifications from pets, shadows, etc.
  • No Google Assistant integration: If you’re looking for a camera that fits in with your Google ecosystem, the eufyCam E isn’t a good choice.
  • No free cloud storage: Although cloud storage prices are affordable, you’ll have to pay a minimum of $2.99 a month for cloud storage.

Want to explore more options? Be sure to check out the best home security cameras of 2020.


How much does the eufyCam E cost?

The eufyCam E costs $179.99 for the add-on camera and $237.99 with the eufy HomeBase if you don’t already have it.

Does the eufyCam E work with Alexa?

Yes, the eufyCam E works with Alexa.

Where can I buy the eufyCam E?

You can buy the eufyCam E on the eufy website, on Amazon or on Best Buy.

  • Published on May 24, 2019
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great review. I love my two camera set. I am not sure if you are able to record continuously 24hrs or if it has that feature.

I can only strongly advise against Eufy in many ways. Not just because of some issues with the item itself, but mainly because of the extremely poor support.

Features not supplied

At the time of my purchase, Eufy still advertised that the security cameras were also compatible with IFTTT - including in the product description. Unfortunately, however, this promised feature, which is important to me as one of the reasons for the purchase, has never been implemented and if you look up the relevant forums, it shows that a very large number of customers are very active because of this topic. In these forums, Eufy tries again and again to hold customers back and to excuse them that they are working on a solution - for over 2 years now. In a correspondence with the support, I was ultimately offered a refund of 8% of the purchase price to take this into account, after all. It is therefore very unlikely that IFTTT will ever be integrated, especially after Eufy no longer advertises it.

Amazon Alexa integration unreliable and extremely slow

The actually well-functioning Alexa integration is ultimately not sufficient for use. “Alexa, show me garden camera!” Shows the desired video image on an echo device with screen in 3 out of 5 cases, but it takes forever to get there … if not, as it often happens, the message "garden camera is not responding.“ is answered. Frustrating.

Moisture despite IP-65 and no support

Last week, one of the 5 “EufyCam E” I installed showed an extremely blurred image and I complained to Eufy Support via email because the technical hotline is difficult to reach by phone. At that point it was not clear to me which problem caused the disturbance. After I had still not received a response after 2 days, I sent another email to remind them of my concern, which was answered after 2 minutes with an extensive list of the requested information to be provided. As I was told, I provided the requested information on the same day.

The following day I received instructions to ensure that the cam was connected to the base, along with other information. During the review, I found that water droplets were visible on the inside of the camera lens and I placed the device in the sun for a few hours to see if this would improve the camera image. And indeed, it helped.

In the afternoon of the same day, I again provided the requested information and sent a 10-second recording from the camera. After the camera sizzled all day in the sun, the picture was now somewhat clear again, with the exception of the area at the bottom right, which was still somewhat blurred because there were still many small droplets stuck to the inside of the lens. I explained all of this in great detail in my response to support and asked for the item to be exchanged as soon as possible.

The next morning it became completely ridiculous. In a short response from Eufy support, I was asked to confirm that the camera had not dropped to the floor and to send a photo that would show the “installation location”. I did what I was asked to do again … but not without saying how strange I found it. But it got better. Now I was informed that the disturbances in the picture are not moisture but, and I quote: “I understand your disappointment and really forwarded your email to our product manager. He said the moisture cannot cause this problem. The cause is the high frequency of images. I ask for your understanding and wish you a nice day! ”. In other words, for Eufy the problem had been solved at that moment and it was preferred to stop support immediately.

Then I had enough of this games and went straight to Amazon, where I got good service as usual by being advised to return the item so I could get a refund. Thank you very much Amazon.

Small addendum: Today, an email came again from Eufy support. Here is the content: “We are very reluctant to leave this impression that you have now got from our products. Your satisfaction is very important to us. These products from the other brand also have the same problem. At the moment this is an industry difficulty. In this case I would refund 15% of the amount as compensation. Are you OK with that? I ask for your answer and for your understanding."



too many lies about this product as i cannot get eufy security app to operate on a ps win 10 …yet they will tell you " you can "…what is going on with this company ?