Eufycam E not getting expected activity

My Eufycam E doesnt seem to be catching activity like it should. There are hours of time with zero activity where there should be alot. Example, our front porch cam did not get a large black bear right at the front steps. The driveway cam didnt catch the same bear as it walked away. Both well within range of the cams. If its not getting that, how can we expect it to get someone trying to break in? The front porch cam should have almost constant activity during the day with the various birds and animals there since I turned off the detection zone.

The sensitivity is maxxed, Ive turned off detection zones, battery is good. Any ideas?

I have 4 cam E’s and they catch people, birds, cats , deer and even the occassional large honeybee. Since the Cam E doesn’t have onboard AI, you need to ensure that you mount the cams so that any motion crosses the cams field of view. If an object is coming straight at the cam, it picks up the temperature differential, but it can’t see motion, so it doesn’t wake up and record.

Also, make sure that you don’t mount them too high or that will reduce their motion sensitivity. I initially had one 17 ft off the ground and that limited my detection rate. Now, the highest one is 13 ft and it works much better.

I think my cams are pretty much in those parameters. I will go over things this evening to make sure.

Thank you!

Use the Motion test function and walk around in places you want to be detected. The status LED will turn red when it detects you, so you can see if your settings are correct. That helps alot when your are setting up motion detection.