Eufycam E dead after 1.5 years >> what next? Your Experience =?

Hi all

I am pretty happy about the concept of Eufycam - being able to have a long-lasting battery in combination with WiFi communications and “no external cloud” is a big plus.

I have been recommending this technology to friends and several have bought that Eufycam for their homes, also being quite happy.

Now, after 1.5 years of ownership, suddenly one of my cams has now stopped working - when at 80% battery capacity. The red LED is not working, no charging indicated, and also various sync button options (multiple taps in short time, 10 secs push etc.) did not bring any reaction of the device.

Basically, it is a dead paperweight right now.

I have now contacted the Eufy support in Germany. Their answer is like “your device is outside of the 12 months warranty so - tough luck but not our problem”.

I pointed them to the extended legal frameworks of German law (we do have two terms: warranty and guarantee (also known as implied warranty) / “Garantie und Gewährleistung”). The gurarantee (13-24th month) rules that the manufacturer has to provide a replacement unit in case the buyer must prove that there has been a fault in the unit.

The big problem with the burden of proof is that it is not possible for the buyer - especially as a consumer - to prove that a defect was present from the start without the considerable expense of an expert opinion, which also implies quite some costs on top of things.

Of course, to involve an expert into the findings of the root cause (e.g. housing not sealed enough etc.) does create a cost, and is in no relation to the actual product value of ca. 129 EUR (150 USD).

And even when a cause would be found by an expert (cost at first on my expense), Eufy/Anker has stated today that they would only offer me a 30% discount on a new unit - which means they give me 36 EUR/40 USD voucher (which NEVER EVER would pay an experts analysis in a written report…) .

I would have hoped to see some sort of “goodwill policy”, recognizing my engagement in purchasing the product, being just 6 months above the warranty timeline, and also that others have purchased the product based on my recommendation.

At second, if I have to assume that devices only last 2-3 years, the price tag of a few hundred EUR/USD for such a product is way too high…!

What is your view on things? And what did you experience?

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The same thing has happened to my cam E and the my 2 Pro two weeks after. It happened on both occassions after taken the cameras down and recharging with the homebase. Both cameras are now dead bricks. It really sucks having to pay for a camera that works for little over a year, and then being told they can’t help you.

Can user get replacement battery ?

Same story here (Eufycam 2’s battery dead after less than 2 years) … an expert’s report doesn’t make any (financial) sense, I bought a 9m USB cable and connected the camera to a power supply to extend its lifetime. Eufy support sucks.

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Hooking to power may help for a while, but eventually the electrolyte in the battery will solidify and the battery will swell up and destroy the internals of the camera. Best thing, is pull the camera apart and replace the batteries before they get to that state. There are several videos on youtube on how to disassemble the cameras and the batteries in are just plug-in packs.

I have sucessfully replaced batteries in a c2 cam and its still running after almost a year.

The best way to avoid this issue is never charge to 100%. I have 2 Cam Es that are over 2 years old and no sign of battery issues. I have always cut the charge of above 80%.

Hey, do you happen to have a video of how you disassembled the cameras and put it back together safely?

I have had the same issue with my Solocam e20. Battery just died after purchasing the solar panel kit to keep it going. I was roughly 9 months out of warranty so didn’t expect a replacement but maybe a gesture of a discount towards a new one.

Not great when you spend nearly £80 on a device to only last less than two years. Anker support also told me “sorry out of warranty, get another…”

Not impressed and have serious doubts about buying another Eufy camera.

Good firmware will stop at 80% and display as 100%

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