Eufycam E and Homebase 2 compatibility

I have Eufycam E’s and am thinking about getting the Eufycam 2. Would I need to run both home bases or can the Eufycam E’s connect to the Homebase 2?



@pinochle You should be able to run them all from either Homebase but running from the first gen Homebase allows for changing your SD card for increasing local storage.

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Hey @pinochle We really appreciate all your support in our brand, thanks again for being part of the Anker family.

The good news is we now have the Homebase 2 compatible with the eufycam E, could you please let us know your eufy account? And the also serial number for the Homebase, so we can upgrade the firmware for you.

Remember your satisfaction is our top priority and we will be sure to resolve the issue for you.

Feel free to reach out anytime :slight_smile:

This is a great advantage if you consider to have lot of events triggered. The other option could be NAS storage.

Hi there I’m having the same issue trying to add cameras with my Eufycam E on the Homebase 2 and have sent you an email on this. I look forward to your assistance soon.