EufyCam Disappointment

I bought my first EufyCam Kit as a Kickstarter, I was a Backer of the product pledging $219.00 for the kit in May 2018. The kit was finally sent out on in sometime in November 2018. I received the product and seemed very good. I went ahead and bought two more camera when they became available to purchase. For the last few months the initial camera is no longer working well anymore.

It is cloudy, I cleaned the lens but nothing same deal. I contacted support and was told basically sorry nothing they can do because 12 months have passed! twelve months! I really thought these cameras were last longer than that. Also note that one of the two cameras that I had purchased separately i had to send back because it stopped working and that was in less than twelve months thankfully.

I am floored that they would not honor their product for more than 12 months!!

Buyer beware, dont get me wrong i like the product when it is working… problem is when it stops in such a short period of time dont expect support.

I was finally told by support that they would give me a 20% refund if i buy a new one. Which I did I sent them the information doing so, and I received an email stating they will not honor it because I bought it from Target not their site!!!

Not cool EUFY! Treat your customers better than that, if you are sure of your product you wouldnt have an issues fixing or replacing your product.