Eufycam Cam2 - Firmware Updates - Changes

Maybe I it’s me, but I cannot find what changes are included in the firmware updates (of the cams and the base station). Neither via the app or via the website is this information available?

Has anyone been able to find this information?

Hi I can’t find anything either. And since this latest update yesterday, did your recorded videos always start with a very bright blooming effect for the first 1-2 seconds before the image turns back to normal? I noticed that after this update which was not present before. Thanks

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Haven’t really noticed that to be specific to the latest firmware. Seems more to do with the amount of brightness outside. The brighter the surroundings, the brighter the initial blooming effect.

Since the update some settings were reset such as detection mode from battery efficiency to surveillance efficiency- as well as detection from human only to all motion.

Another interesting thing is that the cameras no longer trigger motion!

I am seeing issues with the motion sensing notifications also. If I use ‘All motions’ it seems to work but if I use ‘Human only’ I get very infrequent and unreliable notifications. I have the sensitivity at 7 and have tried others. If I remove the camera from HomeKit it seems to be more reliable.

I’m also having the bright washout issue when the cam turns on. The other problem I have is with motion detection. It seems like if I reset the home base, the camera will work fine for the day but by the next day, it will start misssing a lot of things. Once I reset the home base it’s fine again.

I’ve definitely experienced this blooming effect too on all of my cameras. It seems to have been solved with today’s iOS software update for me.
Also there is almost no delay in getting a sharp picture - which used to take 4-5 seconds. Hopefully this is finally fixed!