EufyCam App: Please stop always hijacking audio :-/

I want to view my camera without having the audio stopped by the Eufy app.

Does anyone have a suggestion or workaround on how to prevent the Eufy Android app of taking over the audio of other apps?

I.e., when I’m streaming a podcast, or listening to some other audio stream, and I want to check one of my cameras, my audio gets hijacked by the app and its camera microphone. For a while I would disable the microphone on the main camera screen, but that setting didn’t stick, ie, I had to disable it each time, but by then it already had taken over the audio again.

I can disable the microphone in the app settings (Audio) but that doesn’t fix the problem either. I wish there was a way to just disable the sound in the main screen and have that setting stick.

It’s extremely annoying, I often use TuneIn Radio to stream radio, and restarting the app requires buffering and some extra promotional announcements and I miss part of the ongoing stream, so I would be grateful if anyone had any suggestions.

The Wyze camera app doesn’t misbehave like this, so it’s definitely not a technical limitation.

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I would like this feature also.
The eufy app keeps stopping Apple Music playing. I have all audio disabled on the cameras, so my music shouldn’t be stopped. There should be a way to implement this, since the camera has all audio disabled.
Please add this feature.

iPhone 14 Pro
Lastest eufy app

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