Eufycam & Alexa - switch modes

I can switch between “Activated (at home)”, “Deactivated”, “Schedule” and “Away”.
Problem with the Alexa skill.
If I want to switch from “Activated (at home)” to “Away”, I need to deactivate the System before.
Mode is in “at home”

  • Alexa deactivate cameras
    after that
  • Alexa set cameras to away mode

Otherwise Alexa tells me that I can’t switch to another mode because the cameras are active.

Please fix this so that Alexa can change from one mode to the other without deactivating them first.

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Are you able to arm and disarm via Alexa? I can only disarm via Alexa but with a PIN number

Yes, both and switching modes.

Have you just linked the Eufy Security skill? How did you setup to arm?

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Just linked the skill and:
Alexa, aktiviere Kameras
(Alexa activate cameras)

I know it’s German :smile:
I re-named the Homebase in the Alexa App into „Kameras“. Depends how you named your Homebase. That’s all!
Problem: when I say „activate cameras“ in goes into the mode „at Home“ :joy:
I need to deactivate and then
Alexa, set camera into away mode (in German: Alexa, setzte Kameras in den Abweisenheitsmodus)

Could you please share the alexa command you re using to set it to Schedule mode?

Hmm…never used this mode. Sorry!