eufyCam 2C stuck on firmware 1.7.4

Model No: eufyCam 2C
System version: 1.7.4
Subsystem version: 1.0.98-20210826

When I tap “Check for firmware update” it says “Firmware up to date”.

My 2 other eufyCam 2Cs are on system version 5.4.5 but the same subsystem version. What could be the issue and how can I fix this?

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Any ideas?

I have 2 of these…. Both on 1.7.4

There are different cams …both labeled as 2c. They are different internally and have different firmware. Your fine

Oh… and that stupid button has never worked

Like @chefrd I have a number of 2C cams. My oldest 2 are on 1.7.4.

I also have 3 - 2C Pros that are on 5.4.5 . They are all 2K resolution, so different firmware.

Because of the chip shortage Eufy may have 2 or 3 different firmware versions for the same model so you are good where you are.

The manual update button doesn’t really do anything. Eufy rolls their updates out on a rolling schedule so that if problems are encountered they can stop the update before everyone gets borked.

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Borked? Lol. Had a good laugh on that one

Just downloaded 4 on one of my iPads…. I got borked big time. What a buggy piece of crap

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I guess I’ll wait for 4.5 or 5 before switching. Thanks for letting us know.

I think its time Eufy fired all their developers and started over with people who understand coding and testing. Its either that or the managers. Maybe both.

How come they were both updated at very different times? Are cams with older chips no longer receiving new features? I bought them all at the same time on Amazon btw so not sure why 1 is older…

Same issue :frowning:
Two of my cameras were never updated since April 2021 whereas the others are still updating (last one on July).

Did someone find a way to force upgrade?

Read all of the replies, it’s explained!