Eufycam 2c stops responding

Hi I have an issue with one of my eufycam 2c cameras. It seems to have an issue where if the area has been quiet for a while its slow to wake up and often misses events. It’s particularly bad in the mornings. It goes from one extreme to the other either picking up every little thing that moves or not picking anything up. I’ve had the system about 6 months now and everything is set up including motion zones and all was working fine until the last couple of weeks. System has good network connection and my other camera is working correctly. Can the motion detection be affected by weather changes and sunlight?

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Sunlight will effect the motion detection since the camera needs to see a warm object change position for it to wake up. If there isn’t a differential in temperature between the moving object and it’s surroundings, it can’t detect motion. Does it still have issues at night?

You might just swap the cameras and see if the problem moves or stays the same.

Hi, thanks for replying. It does seem better at night to be honest. I’ll try swapping the cameras around and see if it makes a difference. Do you know if there is a difference in the heat signature needed between normal motion and human detection? I mean does it detect a human by the heat they give off? Do you think if I changed it to detect just motion instead of humans it would make.any difference?

The 2C cam don’t have human detection at night. They switch to all motion as do all the battery powered cams. That’s because the IR night vision doesn’t give them enough illumination to allow the AI to tell the difference between human and anything else. The only way around that is to add enough lighting so that the cams don’t have to switch to night vision at night.