EufyCam 2C stops detecting motion

All, I have a brand new EufyCam 2C setup. In short, the cameras do not detect motion. I can turn the camera off and back on, and the motion detection will work for a bit…but then after some time it stops detecting motion (and therefore no recording, no events). Can’t tell exactly when it stops detecting, but it does at least 5 times a day. This makes the whole system essentially useless. If you can’t count on the motion detection, then these are just expensive paperweights.

Has anyone seen this? Has anyone found a fix? Is Eufy aware of the complete disfunction of their product?

Obviously frustrated.

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Which Eufy App version do you have and is it Android or iOS? I’m just wondering if iOS 14 has issues in this circumstance.

Hi I’ve had this issue for a while. It used to happen about once per week then it went to once every 2-3 days, and lately it’s been a few times a day. I have a 4 camera setup, and they would stop detectingol motion a few times a day, and I have to turn each camera off and back on to restore the motion detection, rinse and repeat every few hours now. It is super annoying and frustrating if you ask me. I’ve posted about this problem before and others have similar issues.

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Mine not only don’t detect and record like you said . after my last app update (iOS) the cams will actually go offline and not recover without many steps. If I’m lucky a HomeBase reboot works …other times many steps. Im lucky and still have my old wired cams working… I just hope they get the bugs under control soon.

Having similar issues. Cameras will stop detecting any motion, no alerts, just randomly. Only noticed when Ring doorbell detected a delivery. Turning camera’s off, then back on resolves but happens again. iOS with latest app V2.2.1_605 and latest Homebase version Any ideas why, rarely happened before latest app updates.

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This problem needs specific analysis, please contact

Yes, rarely happened. Until recently.

I can imagine how difficult it is to wade thru all the complaints like this and filter it down to the people that have had stable setups, clearly play with and understand their system and it’s limits…and made NO changes… and then suddenly severe problems come up.

No support call from me. I know better. Things went horribly wrong on last iOS update… waiting for new firmware push to see if it helps at all.
( and yes I did call support for firmware push… waiting )

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I have exactly the same issue. I have 4 x 2c cameras and at least 2 of them frequently miss motion events.
I have even tried jumping up and down waving at the camera to no avail. The frequency of the missed events increases over time. Re starting the cameras does seem to help for a short while but this is not an acceptable solution.
I have raised a support ticket and escalated but still no response.
It seems the product is not fit for purpose. If the cameras cannot be relied on to record unwanted visitors then what is the point?

Hi did anyone get a solution to this? Only had my system 4 days the first 2 days were great and everything was working fine. I had an android app update and now its started randomly missing motion. For some reason as well it detects motion better at night than during the day. I haven’t changed any settings for it to stop working they were the same before and after. Contacted support first operator told me its normal for the system to miss some events for the first 2 weeks :man_shrugging:. Second operator suggested a homebase reboot but this hasn’t helped.

@sha731 you will see my posts from October above. This has been ironed out. If you have only had your system a short time I would say it takes a while to figure out what your system wants from you. The things it does really well… The settings and adjustments you need to experiment with and the compromises they had to make for a battery operated system. I should really do a YouTube video for new eufy camera owners???

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YouTube video would be great. Yeah I’ve been adjusting the settings setting up activity zones etc to get it right and making using of the motion test function and just when it all seems to be working fine after a while I notice it missing motion again. Will keep adjusting etc and see how it goes.

I just wanted to keep this thread going by saying that something similar is happening to me. Today I have like 7 videos in a location that usually has 50. Other cameras are detecting motion that the camera is not recording. Live view works fine

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I have been having this issue too, and the only thing that seems to have worked was restarting the home base. I just did this a few minutes ago so I’m unsure if the fix will be permanent but, here’s to hoping.

for anyone having issues like this could you try something and post back on your results good or bad. go into the eufy app and open your homebase, go to general, go to working mode. the app defaults to performance mode. try switching it to standard mode. then reboot the homebase. i was having this issue with my 2c cameras and when i switched to standard mode it resolved this issue. if it does work you will probably need to check after an update to see if it has changed back to performance mode (beta) as that is the default setting. update: after a short period of time the app switched itself back to the beta performance mode and the cameras and system in general is acting unresponsive. .

I set the working mode to standard but as soon as I leave the screen, it switches back to ‘performance(beta)’

Is there a fix or is this still a problem?

Im still having this problem - cannot keep it in standard mode, and camera starts ignoring motion

I don’t know but, maybe something with the app possibly maybe causing this??

Try clearing the eufy Security apps cache.