Eufycam 2C Recordings

My UK version is still:
a) Not recognising Human only movement in Daylight…still picking up any movement.
Latest firmware is that of Oct 21 2020.
I thought an update was issued Oct 23 2020 to correct the problem. Not seen that yet.
b) Recording events outside of my chosen recoding Zones…a long-time error.
Have tried many different settings to try to correct this. GW Oct 26 2020.

Hi GeeUU,
You are correct that an update is issued to solve this. That will be homebase firmware
It is a staged rollout, so not everybody will receive it at once. You’re best bet is to keep a close eye on the notification icon within the eufy app (main page, second icon from the right). If an update is installed, there’s a red dot next to the icon.
Please let us know if the update solved your problems when you get it! :slight_smile:
Unfortunately many people are running into this now… :confused:

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