Eufycam 2c Range

the range on the Eufycam 2c is so shockingly poor it’s almost criminal for Eufy to claim these cameras are a viable home security option. no matter where i placed the Homebase 2 i could not get a reliable connection. My house is a very modest 4 bed UK home.

i have the Eufy Doorbell and the range on that is pitiful. I have the Hombase just inside the hallway to my home. if I move the door bell constantly disconnects.

Don’t waste your time or energy.

Returned to Amazon for a full refund


I have a 3 bedroom house (also in the UK). One Homebase 2 supports a camera at the front and one at the back, both outside. Only in one place would I not get coverage, which would represent a camera furthest away from the Homebase 2 and through 2 internal as well as the external wall.

I guess it depends what the walls are made of etc. Maybe mine are made of balsa wood!?

Out of interest, do you find Wifi from a single router provides coverage over the whole house and outside where your doorbell & cameras would be located?

Interesting. I am very vocal about software troubles with my cameras… but camera range was one thing that just worked for me. ( I moved my Homebase 2ft once )

Wonder if you had a bad Homebase?? Some weird thing causing interference maybe??

Thanks for the frankly less than useful comments.

I wasted probably two days trying to get a reliable connection. I had two home bases and tried various positions around the house. I upgraded all the firmwares on each device when i first connected them.

I’ve struggled to get the wireless doorbell to work when the homebase is more than 15ft away. admittedly my house has substantial walls compared to may other houses.

I’ve never encountered any other problems with connectivity in my house. I run a full homekit and Zigbee 3.0 set up and never had any issues at all. I did try switching off various devices and hubs to see if they were interfering with the Eufy kit and it made no difference.

My only conclusion is that expecting battery powered devices to have any useful range was probably being too optimistic. I should have paid more attention to the reviews that complained about range.

Anyway, I sent the whole lot straight back to Amazon for a refund …

Glad you got your cash back! My 2 2Cs are 50 and 75feet from the base station. Only reason I asked about a dud BS. If you find a cam that works for you… drop back and let us know. Cheers