EufyCam 2C Night Vision Issue

At some point tonight one of my EufyCam 2C cameras seems to have developed an issue with its night vision mode. It’s been previously fine, but not is almost completely obscured by what looks like fog or mist. Day time recording seems ok and if I turn off B&W Night Mode it also looks as I would expect, so it’s only the IR Night Mode that seems to be affected. Any idea what this could be? Water ingress or faulty IR? I’ve been out to check and the IR lights are on. My other camera is fine. Pics attached are of the affected camera with IR night mode disabled and enabled to show the issue…

Looks like condensation on the lense. This will cause the IR to blur and reflect back. Have you gone out and taken a close look at the camera when it’s doing it.

If it’s condensation, you might try some RainX. They have a formula specifically for plastic and that’s what you should use. The standard RainX will ruin the lense.

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Same for my Cam 2. Happens at night in high humidity or during foggy conditions. I agree I think it’s condensation on the lens.

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It’s not condensation - its fog/mist particles reflecting the IR

Appears to be a quite a flaw in the Eufy system. Probably why others use a spotlight to illuminate the area after a nighttime trigger

Wow…. This is some old crap. Where did you dig this up?