Eufycam 2C can’t Connect

My Eufycam 2C camera could not connect anymore … the help page said to remove the camera from the app … charge it for 10 minutes and connect again via sync … only it still fails to connect in any way … the camera keeps blinking red and blue even when connected with the cable in the home station . does anyone have the tip for me?

I have the same issue, have tried everything, resets etc , it will sync with door indicator but not cameras. stumped ?

Try rebooting the homebase if that is the culprit

Blinking red and blue means its trying to update. You won’t be able to do anything until the update is finished or fails. If power cycling or rebooting the homebase doesn’t work, try resetting your router.

I’m my case it is not connecting to the wifi and only at night to see the motion detector working . Any idea?