EufyCam 2 stops detecting and recording

I have a strange thing , I installed 2 EufyCam 2 camera’s last Sunday , they worked perfect , Monday morning when we left we walked in the garden not switching them off and they didn’t detect us … no push no recording nothing. In the app I switched off both camera’s and then switched them on again , and everything worked fine again … the rest of the day no problems when we changed modes but Tuesday morning again when we left for work it again didn’t detect us , no push message and no recording… again we switched the camera so off and on again and now they do it again , but I think tomorrow we get the same issue again with both cameras …

Looks like a firmware of software problem And twice is was after a night sleep.

Anyone has the same problems or maybe solutions ?

If it stay doing this the camera’s are not reliable and in fact not doing their job we bought them for.

I’m from Europe (netherlands) so I don’t know if we have the same software and firmware versions as in America.

We also have a eufybell and that one is not finding any problems , that is working fine



I have rather slow detection rate (also netherlands) at night. My cams are indoor and they pick up movement during night time, but rather late. The sensitivity is on 7 and testing it by day gives excellent motion detection.


This has happened to my eufy cam 2 also. I turned it off and then on again and that seemed to get it working again though.


This has been a big problem for me now and lot of others for a long time The only way it seems to fix it is turn the camera off and back on or delete and add device back. maybe one of these years the company will fix the problem.


Same problem here with the eufycam2. It initially would work for 1 week before I have to turn off and on the cameras…but since that last firmware update, it seems like I have to turn off and on the cameras every other day. So what I do now is I turn off the cameras and turn them back on every night before I go to sleep and it would work throughout the night. What a hassle!


Yess , but you don’t buy a security camera to switch it off and on te be sure it works …

But it
Ook a firmware problem that the camera turns off after a couple of hours . I indeed also turned it ofF and on again so it works , but when you forget it …

I also sended a message to eufy hoping with a lot of complains they will do something about it , you don’t want to keep thinking that you have to switch off and on every day once or twice,

When I installed I also got new firmware so I guess it’s a firmware problem


Dennis12 , are you sure they keep working ? Because I installed them Sunday and Monday and today I had to turn them off and on again because they stopped…

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deurbel60 I would bet there are a lot of people out there with the cams that don’t even realize their cams stop detecting and recording at times. you only know if you test on yourself or you know for sure someone entered the motion zone. my cams got a mind of it’s own sometime they stop working and then come back to working the next day and when they decide not to comeback on I have to get the ladder take it down and delete and add device again. What a great system.


But this looks like a firmware problem , because lotnof people complaining that they have it after new firmware …
Ik cant tell because when i installled Them i got the view firmware imediately so i have no Idea how it worked on the old firmware

I don’t think it;s a new firmware problem. If you do a search on the problem on google you find the same complaint dating back a year and more before.

Yep I have the same issue with one camera, not detecting or notifying…the camera that has the issue I notice also has a different version of firmware to the other 3 cameras, but they all say they are up to date???
The camera with the issue says system version 2.6.1 and the other three cameras say 1.9.3
Unfortunately the camera did not record my wifes car being broken in to or if it did it isn’t showing the recording.

I also have a problem with one of the two Eufycams 2 regarding detecting and recording.

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Andy 101 sorry to here it did not record your wife’s car being broken into. My front door camera didn’t record when someone stole my delivered package. they really need to address this serious issue. The main reason for the camera is the detecting and recording feature.


I just got a response from eufy , but they wanna know the height of the camera , and positioning , to be honest I have no clue why , because when it works it works perfectly … push notifications are allright and recording also .

The problem is they seem te switch of somehow sometimes , so I don’t know if they take the complaints serious , I mean if height was the problem it would have the problem all the time , but it’s I think about at 2.5 meters so they advice between 2 and 3 so I’m nice in between and also sun comes from the back , so that’s not an issue as well


@Andy101 , I got 2 cameras , both say newest firmware an both problems , and both firmware 2.6.1

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deurbel60 They just using the height as a excuse. If the cameras never detected or record Then maybe it could be height but not working say for a week and then stop working. I can wave my hand right in front of the camera sometime and it does not detect no movement until I turn it off and back on. I included a link from 2018 with the same problem. almost 2 years ago and the problem have not been addressed.

The company is starting to show me their true colors. Money green over customer care.

Being that my cameras that are fine are version 1.9.3.
The issue seems to be with the one camera I have and the two you have on version 2.6.1

Also, does anyone know if these threads are monitored by Eufy or is this all chat that doesnt get resolved?
I tried their chat bot and it was not helpful at all. Useless in fact.

just curious is the cam everyone having problems with your main cam I mean the camera that get the most motion everyday? My 2 other cams right now are not giving problems and also does not get a lot of motion everyday. the one that is give me problems is the cam at my front door that gets more motion than my others. I was thinking if so maybe that could be a reason.

The camera i have the issue with would have the second most movements…if it acctually worked

Same here. Set-up of 3 eufycams 2 around the house. Initial happy with, but now discovering more and more missing recordings. Eg. bringing kids to school creates movement which should be picked up by 2 of them, with 4 pax moving around I expect at least them to be recorded.

Result: none Recorded :flushed:

Camera’s seem to “on” in the app, however they simply don’t record.
Detection setting is at max, heigth 2-2.5 meters. And plenty of sideways movement. @eufy, what’s gong on here!??