Eufycam 2. Sound on playback

My recordings (recent and past) are not playing back with sound although live feed does have sound. I have checked all the usual possible remedies but nothing helps. There was an update of the app today (16 Sep), could this problem be as a result of that update possibly? Is anyone else experiencing this?

one fix is to disable audio, save and close the app and then open the app again and reenable it, save and close the app. Thats how I was able to regain sound n my playback

same problem with eufy 2c :angry:

Same issue. At first I thought it was my phone. They definitely need to fix this.

Same issue, thought it wasn’t recording sound, but sound is there when video is downloaded to phone and then played. Also, sound is present for live video.

Update your eufy security app to v2.1.2, as it fixes this problem.

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2.1.2 is not yet available to install on my android Samsung device, but hopefully will resolve the issue once released