Eufycam 2 Pro stuck day mode and audio issues and 2c overexposure issue

Just received eufycam 2 pro and appears I may have received a faulty one.

The camera appears to be stuck in day mode as when night time comes and when camera turns on it starts off in colour then will switch to B&W. I tested then changing to Human Motion to see whether the camera will get triggered by any motion in the dark (as during dark it should default to all motion) but only triggered when detected a person. Then I changed to All motion and tested in the dark and it was triggered by any motion. This comes to conclusion the camera when asleep is stuck in day mode.

Second issue is audio. It appears very soft compared to my eufycam 2c and when out to volume max on my iPhone you can hear a static sound.

If anyone have similar experience would like to know your experience. I hope it’s more software issue than being faulty.

On a seperate issue 2 out of my 5 eufycam 2c develop the overexposure issue which I have seen people brought up in the past when on the first second of recording its overexposed with a white flash before it adjust to the light. Some was fixed with update firmware. My firmware is the latest and did not develop the issue after firmware was installed but a few weeks after and only on 2 out of 5 of the cameras.

I have been using 2C cameras, but decided to purchase a few 2 Pro cameras. Picture quality is much better, but I did notice the static sound as well? Only on the 2 Pro cameras, my 2C cameras do not suffer from the static sound.

Thanks for the reply. The audio issues if I listen to the live feed for a few minutes it will sometimes go to the same sound level of the 2C. But always on startup it is softer with static and crackling sound and the same for the recordings. With the 2C you can hear the cars driving down the road, while the 2 Pro you can barely hear it but if you leave on the live feed for a while the car sound will become loud like the 2C. As I only have one 2 Pro, I don’t know whether this is normal.