Eufycam 2 Pro not detecting cars

Hello all,

I have purchased 2 Eufycam pro 2’s. So far I am very impressed at how quick this camera detects humans, as soon as half a head is within the detection zone it starts to record. It is set to record any movement.

The only thing it hasn’t recorded is cars, it doesn’t record me pulling in or pulling out of my drive, but as soon as I peek out the car window it records.

Any one else having the camera not record any vehicles?

Many thanks

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Do you have “human only” detection set? All motion setting will give you cars and everything else that moves.

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Nope, I have all motion set

What is the sensitivity on?

7, high

I have the same issue with a floodlight. All detection and max sensitivity. Completely ignores cars.

OK so what I’ve noticed is it ignores cars at night, but during the day it’s 50/50. Because my camera is mounted slightly higher, I think my detection zone is slightly shorter, don’t know why that would effect specifically cars tho. Overall I am impressed with the quality of the product and how quick it sends a notification. Also the doorbell is working perfectly. Better than ring imo

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First of all, the cameras aren’t designed to pick up cars specifically, so any time you catch one is mostly luck.

So the deal with PIR sensors is that they detect based on moving heat relative to the ambient background. If the engine bay is warm, the chance of detection is higher. For electric vehicles this may also be lower (don’t really know if electric cars get as hot). If the movement not from left-to-right movement or vice versa, the chances of getting detected is lower. If you reverse onto the driveway and the front is facing away from the camera, chances of getting detected is lower. If the movement is fast, chances are the sensor doesn’t pick it up or too late and won’t notify you as there is no movement being analysed by the camera.
If the camera’s PIR sensor is not pointed at the right angle, it may not pick up the heat sources correctly.

The fact you get cars caught on tape is more likely the effect of the night generally being colder and the difference in heat is bigger. You probably also get notified about bigger vehicles rather than bikes or cyclists (as the heat source is bigger).

Odd. I can’t get any of my 2Pro’s to ignore cars. Even with a detection zone set, it records absolutely everything in the street, outside the zone. I had to mount my cams out in the yard turned back towards the house to dial back the notifications.

Great explanation! The PIR sensor IS the magic that gets us “months” of batt life instead of “days”. But brings on more complaints and questions than anything else it seems.

Eufy needs to put a good Youtube video together that we can just link to.

Isnt “motion detection” based on motion? For instance, on a windy day, the trees will set of the notifications.

Yes… motion detection is based on motion. But it depends on the detection type of your camera. Pixel based motion or heat motion.

For example… trees moving in the wind will detect on the pixel based but not the PIR based cameras. Add in some sun (heat) into this scenario . Now they BOTH will pick up the trees.

This is why a single thin spiderweb will turn a pixel camera crazy… and a PIR based camera will not even see the spiderweb until something else (heat) triggers it. Then it will “see” the web for the first time and consider the web a motion target.

Mine too. And I can’t find “Human only” on the app. I can’t find “Camera Settings” or “Motion Detection” or “Motion Test Mode” in the app!

Hi, I have a 2C camera almost above my garage door, it is set to all motion. It does not detect the car backing out of the garage untill i stop and turn and drive forward. When returning home it picks up the car movement close to 15m away.