Eufycam 2 Pro going offline at night

As per title, I have had my current set up since July and everything has been working perfectly, i have the Homebase 2, Battery Doorbell, one Eufycam 2 Pro and several motion detectors and entry sensors.

Unfortunately the Eufycam 2 Pro has started going offline after dark and i don’t know why, it has been in the same position for the last 4 months without issue which makes it all the more puzzling. The only thing that coincides with the periods of offline, is that the weather has taken a downturn with the temperature dropping (currently at -3c) but from what i know, this is well within the operating parameters of the device.

When it is offline, i can tap the sync button and it will come back on but only for a short period before going off again.

The firmware on everything is upto date and nothing has substantially changed about the environment other than the weather, there is nothing that would form an obstruction for the connection.

Any ideas? is it likely i have a camera that is faulty or could there be something else at play?

Infact the Camera went offline somewhere around 10.30 this morning and whilst it was cold, it wasn’t as bad as -3 so something else must be going on.

Any suggestions on what to do here or should i just look to return this camera despite several months of near perfect use?