Eufycam 2 pro doesn't do firmware update higher as 3.8.4

I own 4 Eufycam 2 pro’s since Spring this year.
3 of them received a firmware upgrade within a month after installation to version 4.5.8 . All of them work very well.

One cam is stuck on 3.8.4 . When I ask to update the firmware, he says “firmware is up to date”.
But he also has other problems: when motion detection is set to “people only”, he doesn’t give any message when peoples are detected (detection zones are well configured). Only when I set this motion detection to “all” he gives a message. I use his motion detection in HomeKit for switching on the Hue bulbs in the garden. This also works well no matter which setting motion detection has.

Second: if the previous detection was in the dark, the actual detection starts with an over illuminated picture, which slowly gets normal. Very annoying for getting thumbnails on my AppleWatch; there’s nothing visible but a white screen.

All those problems were gone with the other cams after the update of their firmwares.

What could be the reason this single cam won’t update?



I have exactly the same update issue. I have five 2 Pro cameras, one will not update. Contacted Eufy support, tried updating to no avail. They mentioned that certain batches of cameras apparently have different updates? :roll_eyes::thinking:


I’m also in contact with Eufy support. They ask a lot: screenshot of overexposure, log files, serial number…
I will provide them this weekend.

But his language… I’m a Dutch speaking Belgian and the Google Translate English is VERY difficult for me to understand, pfff.

Because of the global chip shortage, some cameras of the same model will have different firmware and still be up to date. I have 3 2 Pro cams and 1 has 3.84 while the others have 4.58.
Some of my 2C Pro cams have 5.27 and 1 has 3.84. All show as up to date.

I have 2 of the Indoor cams and 4 of the Indoor Pan/Tilt models. I purchased these cameras before the pandemic and microchip shortage stuff started. At times I have noticed that some cameras get the latest firmware updates while others stay on the old firmware for a while. However, eventually they all get updated to the same/latest firmware. I think Eufy releases the firmware as it becomes available for specific batches, including that of the exact same model type. They do not appear to wait until the firmware updates are made available to all batches. This can be confusing to the customer but it gives them a chance to clean up bugs/issues faster.