Eufycam 2 Pro disappeared from my list while away

Away from the house I see that one of my new cams is no longer appearing on the app. My other three are still there and functioning as they should be. And I can see from an old Arlo cam that this missing cam is still physically there (obviously a very good thing).

I’ve tried restarting the eufycam homebase hoping it will come back but it didn’t. Anything I can do while I am away or is my only option to get up on the ladder when I get home and sync it again?

And is there a way to find out what happened? Why would it just go away like this? Are there logs I can check? It better not be battery because I had over 80 percent Sunday (and my other three cams are still in the 80s). I’ve had this a month and a half so it’s too late for me to return it now if the battery dies suddenly like this.

BTW this Community section on the app is painfully difficult to read on my phone. The font is so small so please pardon me for any typos because I can’t see anything