EufyCam 2 Pro Auto night vision not working

Since my EufyCam 2 Pro updated to System Version 4.4.3 the auto night vision is no longer working? It is turned on working great before the update? I have turned off then back on, turned the camera off then back on still the same. When I view live at night, pitch black the night vision does not kick in, all I see is a pitch black image. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


You might try giving the camera a smack on the side. The night vision filter has a mechanical linkage that can hang up and cause exactly what you are seeing. If that doesn’t fix it, contact support. If it were firmware, I expect everyone with 2 Pros would be having the issue. My 2 Pros are working great.

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Thanks for the advice! Did not fix, unfortunately. Really don’t know why it started happening Saturday night, and it’s effecting all of my 2Pro cameras! Contacted Eufy, waiting for a response, hoping it’s a easy fix.

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Can you get back to us with the response from eufy?

Here’s the same! I bought 3 EufyCams 2 (no Pro) in December 2020, they worked really well without any flaws, so I thought, I might to upgrade to Pro and give the 3 “no-Pro” cams to my parents-in-law.

Now the problems began: The night vision works for about half an hour and you can see, how the 4 little red lights are glowing, after a while they strike! It must be a real big issue with these cams!
Whenever I restart the cams they’ll work for the first couple times and in the morning when I want to check if the night vision still worked, it didn’t… :frowning:
Now, the cams start to record in night vision mode, but after one or two seconds, the night vision turns off and you even hear the clicking

I didn’t have any problems with the regular cams, but with the pro cams it’s really a crap!

Does anyone have an advice? firmware 4.4.3 (cams) homebase 2 version

I experienced a similar issue with all (!) three cams purchased a week ago together with Homebase 2 (kit). I emailed Eufy support yesterday around 1.30 pm. Got immediate (auto) reply with a ticket/issue# with a promise that they will try to reply within 24 hrs. So, 23 hrs later I got a very polite reply, apologising any inconvenience together with information that new FW update will be pushed into my system within the next 24 hrs. Approximately four hours later a new camera update was available (v 4.5.8.). I updated all cameras and BANG night vision/IR sensors are up and running. So at least I do not have anything else than positive things to say about Eufy’s customer service at this time. :+1:

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I am having the same issues with my 2 Pro cameras. Keep us updated on what eufy says, please

Eufy have started to push through firmware updates to my 2Pro cameras, version 4.5.8. Only two of my Pro cameras have been updated, waiting for the others to update, then will test and update to the community. Hoping this will fix the issues!


UPDATE: Firmware update 4.5.8 seems to have addressed the auto night vision turning on. There is a very slight delay the auto night vision turning on but it is all working.

A big thank you to Lancky from Eufy support, he was absolutely fantastic. He assessed and addressed the problems I had very quickly. He kept me informed throughout the process.

Hope this helps everyone with the same issues I had.


I have exactly the same problem. Brand new eufycam 2 pro same firmware. I’m starting to think it might be caused by other light sources. However that would be bad though I really want the night vision to work. There is also no way to activate it manually or by schedule.

My EufyCam 2 Pro auto night vision would not turn on automatically or via the app. I contacted Eufy support, they pushed through a update. The auto night vision is working, but since the update the auto night vision has a slight delay and there is now a clicking sound when it activates. Since the update I have encountered much worse motion detection, it only picks motion when it’s close to the 2 Pro cameras. All
My settings are correct. I still for some reason have a 2 Pro camera on the older firmware which Eufy has not updated and it’s working perfectly!

Really hope Eufy address these issues, it’s really frustrating being a security system. Why are there always issues when a firmware update is done on the cameras. It can be something that is working perfectly but not when a firmware update is done?

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Hope they can send a firmware update to me. If not I have to return them to the store. Wish for a fix though I’m super pleased with them in daylight.

You probably need to email Eufy support to get the firmware update.

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Yes!!! Now it works. They did send my new firmware and booom night vision up and running.

My cameras downloaded the new 4.5.8. firmware automatically. Even though I can’t find any release notes it seems they fixed the problem and now I dont need to watch a total black screen @ night.

Is anyone else experiencing worse motion detection on the 2 Pro’s after the update?

My 2C cameras received an update yesterday and the motion sensitivity is really sensitive but my 2 Pro’s not?

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Yes, I’m not getting anything detected at night. I’ve removed all of my customisation so only have the Home and Away options but nothing is still being picked up

I’ve had my cameras updated recently and as far as I can see the auto night vision is working much better but now they don’t seem to switch to ‘All Motions’ at night and stay on ‘Humans Only’. I have a badger, a fox and several cats passing through every night and this has not been picked up when on left on ‘Humans Only’ mode at all time. I’m double checking but if I set them to ‘All Motions’ at all times then the wildlife is picked up during the night (but sadly very constantly during the day too - which is not what I’d prefer).

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Good to know before ordering a couple of the 2 Pro´s. Think that Eufy has to up their game in relation to their R&D Team! to many mistakes and broken promises around functionality and Firmware/Software updates. Still totally pissed of cause of them not fixing the USB port on HB2, and this now just being a dummy, and not being able to connect external source like an hdd/SSD. It should also be implemented that you can use the Cams to connect to a NAS. Have the pan and til 2k indoor, and it took some time to get it connected to my Syno. Anyhow, hope they start testing before releasing and screwing up things. Or at least, get help from community folks and ask for testers of beta releases. Even MickeySoft has gone that path to make sure S…t does not hit the fan when releasing to G.P.