I have purchased a EufyCam 2 Pro 2K from AliExpress as it’s not available in Australia, waiting for delivery. My question is can I connect the EufyCam 2 Pro to my Homebase 2 in Australia? When I select add? all I can see is the EufyCam, there is no EufyCam 2 or EufyCam 2 Pro? Has anyone in Australia purchased a 2 Pro camera and connected with success?


You probably found the answer but in case anyone else looking for it as well, I just selected eufycam and it identified it as eufycam 2 pro.

Hope you had no issues. Mine appears to be faulty and bought from aliexpress as well. Waiting to hear back from Anker.


All working! Thanks.
What problems are you having? Please let me know what solution Anker offer you? I also purchased from AliExpress as not available in Australia! Are you based in Aus?


Anker said they will have a Beta firmware update in 5-7 days which they can push down to my system which addresses the issue. Not sure whether addressing the 2C overexposure issue or the 2 Pro issues. Yes, I am based in Aus.


May I ask how you got the Pro off Ali Express delivered to Australia? I tried but they don’t ship to Aus :frowning:
I want the Cam 2 Pro, ideally as add ons delivered to Aus but struggling to find somewhere that will post here without paying $400+AUD for one cam! Appreciate any help.

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I purchased five 2 Pro cameras off AliExpress from Anker. It was a few months ago now and they delivered to Australia for free via AliExpress standard shipping. I purchased one 2 Pro first then made another two seperate purchases, delivery for two of the deliveries was about 9-10 days, but the last delivery was about 16 days to Australia. One thing to note for some strange reason all my 2C camera’s pick up motion much better than the 2 Pro cameras but the 2 Pro picture quality is far superior and the battery is much better!

I had no problems at all purchasing from Anker AliExpress delivering to Australia.


Purchased eufy cam 2 pro from AliExpress and also based in Aus. No issues and had for 3-4 months so far. Don’t believe you can purchase from Anker store in AliExpress anymore though. You can however purchase new Solo outdoor cam C24 from AliExpress, just ordered so can share more once it arrives

Please give reviews, that would be great! How much was the new camera’s?

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Can’t see any eufy cam pro 2 on elixpress on anker official store??

Anker store in Australia sell them $299