Eufycam 2 multiple issues

hello everyone
I have purchased the eufycam 2 and started with 4 camera. All was perfect till I started to add more devices.

Today i have total 9 cameras and 3 door sensors.
I have 60mb internet line which works perfect with Netflix and other streaming services.
I have cloud subscription as well.
The main issues I have is:
1.i see from time to time homebase have red light and after switching to blue again
2.ibtry to play a video from direct feed or from recording and get error message and only after second time it works or closing the app and reopening it works.
3.door sensors randomly shows as offline they are all very close to homebase so its not a distance issue.
4.i have also cloud subscriptions when i login via web to see camera feed i also get error message and usually second time it works.

Overhaul I feel when homebase have this qty of devices its too much for him and the quality and expirence is down.

Happy to hear your thoughts ideas etc.


I have a similar experience. Purchased the 2C four camera set, all working, motion alert notification, when clicked it opened and played immediately. Was very impressed. Decided to add 6 extra cameras, total of 10 cameras connected to Homebase 2. Now notification videos either do not play or play 20, 30 secs with pauses? I need to exit, close and reopen the app to view, but the notification has disappeared because it thinks it’s been viewed! All my cameras have great, full wifi coverage. My Homebase 2 is connected via Ethernet direct to my router.


Indeed it seems once you start expanding you run into multiplse issues… I’m unable to add my 9 camera’s and 6 doorsensors without crashing everything. Got other devices in transport… But it seems the HomeBase2 isn’t capable of handling this number of devices. Unacceptable behavior if you ask me!

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Contacted Eufy support about all marketing supporting 16 cameras to one Homebase, below is there answer:

*we think an extra homebase would be enough for you if no more than extra 10 cameras are needed.

it is not suggested to connect more than 4 homebases to one account.

If I knew I would have purchased two kits with Homebase’s. I now have 4 kit and 6 additional cameras and it does not work as advertised, that would be considered false advertising! I work in advertising and that is not good for the consumer, the brand Eufy/Anker and from a legal point of view. Eufy support told me to purchase a additional Homebase, but no one sells on it own, not even Eufy, really disappointed in all this!

Take into consideration that they are having problems since the update too and looks like server issues creeping in again.

Check the other thread…

I thought I found a fix . I have the exact same issue. 9 cameras 3 door sensors. No matter what I did I would always get the same error message. Camera and sensor not connected. All of the door sensors would randomly go offline. I did a full reset of the HomeBase 2 by poking the back with a needle. Then I use Wi-Fi instead of ethernet cable. This seemed to fix the problem and response time is much quicker. I assumed realize that no footage was actually being record. Then the door sensors started to go offline. After I just removed the door sensors it all seems to be working fine again. 3 hours later footage no longer was being saved and it was acting very random and glitchy. I guess all you will have to resort to buying another Homebase 2.