EufyCam 2 battery drain

Hi all,

Im using 4 eufycam2 connected to Home base for about 6 months. All was ok until one week ago I noticed dramatical battery drain in one of them. On eufy app I got red mark giving me info to low down the sensivity of detection(no settings changed). Then in 2 days battery drops from 50 to 10%. I made reset of the camera (5 times push button on camera) unpaired and pair it again with homebase and charge. Nothing changes. It drops about 10% every day without ever turning on. When armed uses about 15% battery per night. Settings that I use- human only detection, optimum surveillance. Other cameras have from 56 to 77 % and they are working from last charge 120 days. Maybe You can help me. Charging looks normal. Capacity of battery looks fine when compared power/time. Its something with software I think. Im using android app, all devices are shared to my wife with IOS.

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Hey there,

What are the detection stats in the Power Manager menu?
Also, do you have automations set up? I had a case a while back where the camera set to record in an automation was recording all the time (without a proper trigger).

Thanks for Your answer. No automation. Detection almost none. 3 events and 30 % drop. 8h armed. 12h disarmed.

One thing you could do is swap the camera that’s draining very quickly. If the draining cam still drains, I would suggest contacting and see if they can provide a replacement. If the camera stops draining and the swapped camera starts draining, it may be the environment that triggers the camera.
For your sake I hope it’s a faulty camera, as you can replace that.

Thank for Your reply. Nothing changed in the garden but I will try to check it as you wrote. Camera switched. Made a reset, full charge. We will see.