EufyCam 2/2c on Google Home Hub

Trying to connect my EufyCam 2 and 2c cameras to Google Assistant. I’ve linked the Eufy security skill in the Google Home app and Google recognises that cameras are available, but in the Google Home app it has the error “This video stream can’t be viewed here. If you have a smart display or Chromecast, you can ask the Assistant to stream it there.”

Trying to view the stream on a Google Home Hub with “Hey Google, show me the driveway” just results in a black screen with “Smart Home Camera” on it but no video stream. Am I doing something wrong, as the boxes for both cameras clearly say “Works with Google Assistant”


Thank you for reaching out @Simon11

In this case, please try to :

  • Upgrade the eufy security app to the latest version, and let us know the app version
  • Change the network to a Wifi network and see if it helps

Meanwhile, please also let us know your eufy account and the serial number on your Homebase device.

Please send the information to, we will look into this case for you.

sometimes i have to click on it twice to launch the feed…

I’m also encountering this issue after setting up my new EufyCam 2s yesterday

@Devesh_Batra @Craig27 Hey guys!

If the issue still persists, please feel free to reach out to our support team, we will have the engineer reply the email with 24 hours.

Same here, I just installed my wired doorbell yesterday and when I try to see the cameras feed in my Nest hub display. I got the same message. I’m running the last app and the doorbell went thru the update. Can somebody help me out, this is the mean reason that I purchased this device because it says that can work with Google Assistant. And I was thinking in getting some security cameras butnow I’m a bit skeptical.

Works fine here with 2 outdoor cams, it was not working until I activated nest aware on my Google home app, unlinked the eufy account and relinked it.

I just tried to set up my new Eufy cam 2c and two floodlight cam to google hub. Google assistance will not turn on the cameras. Have to turn them on manually and takes a long time to view camera.
Please advise what I need to do. I am keen to use HomeKit at some point when floodlight is HomeKit ready but would like to use the google hub.

OK Eufy this is ridiculous !!!
Looking at this thread tthis ISSUE has now been ongoing since MARCH 2020 without resolution.
I am an installer of Automation products and now have numerous customers with this SAME ISSUE as above.
There needs to be some accountability from Eufy to fix this problem.
I am about to SHARE this problem with the world on SOCIAL MEDIA and also uninstall your products and return them as FAULTY if this known issue isnt FIXED !!!
Cmon people do something.


If you have the same problem, you can contact for support. Forum is not guaranteed to solve all the malfunctioning problem. It is just a place for users to communicate.

Any update on this thread? Many customers have the same issue

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And I saw multiple threads of discussing this problem. What’s eufy’s timeline of the fix?

I had the same issue. The fix is to link it through “Google Assitant app” first following the steps in the link below.
Once you have followed this step then link the account to “Google Home app”. This process worked fine for me.


I just had the same problem of it just showing text on the nest hub unless I asked it twice. I have just changed the power mode on the camera to “optimal surveillance” and it’s possibly fixed it… Would be interesting to see if others find this.