Brought the Eufy 2C 4 camera with Base and the video doorbell. Set them up yesterday and so far love it. At first the alarms would go off everytime there was motion but soon realised how to turn the alarm on and off. Set it up for human motion, not ALL motion. It automatically detects animals,.so doesn’t give me notifications everytime animals move around, which is good. I can check on them anytime of the day. Always get notifications when people walk past. Got 2 notifications on my mobile at 04.49 am this morning as a person walked past. So far which is still early days, the system is working brilliantly. Can’t fault it at all.

Great to hear after a single day. I think someone who only wants “human only” detection… and only during daylight hours… mounted “properly” for a PIR camera… and not in a battery killing “active” location… should be happy. I use all motion only … but I find the human only AI is very accurate.

The first day the animals weren’t being detected BUT for some reason they are now and it’s really annoying. It they come out of their kennels, we get alerted, if they play in back yard, we get alerted. Rather annoying to be honest. Not sure how to make it that animals don’t detect the cameras. We have it on human motion only but it seems to be animals, cars, buses, trucks.