Eufy YouTube video instruction videos question?

Question for my friends here…

I am planning doing some YouTube vids… not reviews… but ideas and possible solutions to many of the problems we all see again and again on these ( and other ) boards. First a question then would like some input.

Question… I don’t have a doorbell but need to talk about it. For you doorbell owners… can I use a outdoor cam and an indoor cam to simulate doorbells without owning one? For battery issues, activity zone issues, detection issues? I don’t want to buy one just for the base set of videos planned.

Second: What’s your top 3 things that new people ( or those thinking of buying ) could benefit from?

I have started a keypad video
I have started a vid about activity zones

Don’t plan to do anything on wanted features or anything else dealing with “other “ stuff like HomeKit. Just out of the box. Thoughts?

I will be sharing these vids with eufy first… if they want to have a say. Then I will share with a few people on this board that clearly understand eufy gear for their input… then on YouTube for anyone.

It’s 2022. Where’s the videos.?

Wow… a year later I get some interest!!! You can see from the overwhelming response that it wasn’t wanted.