Eufy X9 Pro restarting

I have a Eufy X9 Pro robovac, bought recently. It cleans absolutely fine and the setup process worked first time however when in the dock it will random restart / turn itself off. It plays the start up music then all the lights go off, sometimes it will do this several times in a row. It will then restart itself a few minute later, or a few hours later, or other times it won’t restart at all. I have to hold the power button down for 10 seconds to hard turn it off, then for another 10 seconds to turn it on. There seems to be no logic in when / why it does this.

I’ve tried resetting the robovac (pressing the reset button), reinstalling the app, tried connecting to a different wifi network etc but nothing seems to make a difference.

Anyone else have this issue and know of a resolution?


Hi, you may want to post your question on this forum instead.

Because this forum is just eufy security stuff.

Ah ok sorry and thanks!