Eufy wired doorbell not being powered by wired supply

Hi I have wired up the eufy 2k doorbell, its all working fine but it shows a battery sign rather than a plugged in icon. I fear it’s not being powered by the wired supply.

I have a crothe Croma 230a doorbell and wonders if this was the issue?



Have you checked the voltage at the doorbell? Should be in the range of 16-24 vac. Also check your doorbell transformer rating. Should be printed on the side of the transformer. Many standard doorbells only came with enough capacity to feed a chime from a pushbutton. The video doorbell needs enough to ring the internal chime, record video, and send a signal. Eufy specs for the transformer are 16-24 vac and 30VA.

Another thing to check is for an external fuse on the transformer. You may have blown it when wiring the doorbell.

If it’s an Eufy Wired doorbell then it doesn’t have a battery. Unless you mean you have a wireless doorbell that you just happen to connect to your transformer to keep the battery charged, in which case use a multimeter to verify voltage at the doorbell.