Eufy wired doorbell and Google home mini issue

I have successfully linked my security system to Google home. I have 2 cameras right now. A 2c pro and a wired doorbell.

I am using Google home mini and Google chromecast on my TV.

When I say “ok Google show me porch on tv” ( my 2c pro) i have no issues and it shows the live feed after a eufyblogo page loads up.

But when I ask it to show me the doorbell camera it displays the video for 1 to 2 seconds and then the words “Smart Home Camera” are displayed and the feed is gone. So it seems there is an issue trying to display the wired doorbell using Google home systems. I did a Google search and it seems to be an issues others are having too.
Any one know a solution or if an update is on its way to fix this?

greetings, I just hooked up my eufy 2k wired doorbell. I also have a Google Nest hub. I just noticed that I get the same error. It seems to be intermittent but most times, like you, it displays for a couple seconds and then goes to the “Smart Home Camera” message.
I havent really played around with the “compatibility” of the eufy with google. do you know if it can display with chromecast on the tv?

Hi, I’m interested in the Google integration you have with the Eufycam 2c Pro. They state that this does not support Google, but the 2c (non-pro) does.

Can you confirm that you have for (as full) integration as you can with Google (hub/Chromecast) as you can??


Hi there,

We’re you able to resolve the issue? I bought a wired doorbell and connected to google home. When I ask it to broadcast on the TV using Chromecast, it says ‘Screen not available for this right now’ which is strange because my cameras which aren’t Eufy work fine.

Also in the app, there’s an icon next to the doorbell saying it can only be broadcast to a TV or Chromecast.

Any help would be appreciated.