Eufy water proof heat resistant outdoor rechargeable more efficient doorbell camera & outdoor camera. Products & Services. Upgrades & products tester

I would like more affordable products that are as efficient & great quality cameras indoors & outdoors cameras & doorbell cameras. With updated technology including AI without having to purchase new equipment when new features are available. Longer lasting battery life. I really wish my doorbell camera would record continuously over night even if there isn’t any movement. I wake up every morning with no events recorded overnight knowing that activities have occurred overnight even when I put it on continuous recording it doesn’t do it. And in order to record events I have to keep my doorbell camera on away, which is crazy & ridiculous, & annoying during the day because I work from home. And I am unable to get my credits when I’ve completed most of the required to-dos, to get them. I donated so many clips yet it doesn’t give me my credits &, I am exhausted trying to donate clips & get nowhere. But I honestly love eufy products compared to other doorbell cameras but storage is always an issue & battery life is a hassle & I can’t put my actual address because I’m in between 2 other units & one of the units is listed as a business but is a residential property only. I do all the quizzes & surveys & NEVER get picked to try or receive free products or become a tester of new products & really want to participate & join others who have enjoyed getting selected. I want to continue to utilize all eufy products but can’t always afford to get what I need & want :confused: :cry: :tired_face:. Customer service sucks, theres no one live to reach, which is so aggy. I hate talking to a robot who doesn’t understand what I mean or what I am trying to convey. Eufy is definitely a great product but I am not rich & can’t always afford to optimize my products that I am able to purchase including other services such as storage & upgraded security services available to customers. I wish I could afford to upgrade to premium services but can only utilize standard services which doesn’t offer much. But again I would choose Eufy over other cheaper or more expensive products.