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So my fiance bought us the Eufy video doorbell a little over a month ago. Very good reviews and a major plus also not having to pay a monthly fee. But, we are currently on our 2nd replacement doorbell which is really our 3rd doorbell! We keep having the same issues of video working well and then after a few weeks it goes offline with yellow led light flashing never stops. When we try to reset or diagnose doorbell it will either say wifi or Bluetooth won’t connect and also says “transformer not capable”. We’ve even had our electrician come out and replace the transformer that ended up Not even needing to be replaced,Money wasted! Everytime either one of us call customer service it’s always Oh you must have gotten a bad doorbell and then they send out a new one. Well we are fed up with this doorbell now! All it does is ring and No video, No nothing else. I’ve tried a hard reset and it still doesn’t work. We like the doorbell because when it works it works Good, videos are crystal clear and everything. At this point it seems as if Eufy can’t fix these problems that their having and we just want our money back!


Wired Video doorbell 2K

I’m starting to see lots of comments regarding similar issue to this. I wonder if eufy or anker is paying attention. Did you ended up returning and getting your money back? They are in the process of sending me a replacement unit. I’d hate to have to return since it has lots of potential. Many positives, like clear video, quick alerts, but man the #1 thing they need to have is a reliable product. It’s no good if you have to constantly reset. Cut power off, updated eufy app, removed device and re-added. Even switched it to my hotspot to eliminate my home network and it still doesn’t connect. Constantly goes offline. The device chimes and notifies you on your phone so there some are connectivity.

I’ve been having the same issue, just the doorbell goes offline, the home base is fine. It seems to be at a weekly interval give or take with it going offline and I will need to click the resync button on the back at least twice that same day for it to stay connected for close to a week. Such a pain. How did you request for a replacement unit? And do they send you a new one or a recertification one? This doorbell is only a month old.

Just call them via the eufy app under help. They will ask you to verify purchase with serial number then will ask you to power it off on. Like go shut off your breaker but removing the wires from the doorbell is less intrusive to me. It’s still a pain in the ass. I got my replacement works for 2 days then stopped. Pulled the power it works again for 1 day and is jacked up again. I’m fed up. How can they even sell this junk. Save the headache and gonna go get me a ring instead. Truly disappointed. Mind you I already have a a ring flood cam even at a further distance and it has never failed on me. Good luck.

So mine wired doorbell was working fine until it updated to the latest firmware. Does that sound about right?

I installed my video doorbell, unwired, and less than a week later the doorbell keeps going offline. It was off throughout the weekend. Extremely frustrating! Can anyone offer a solution?

Have you charged the battery, what was the last checked battery level, Try to charge it again and see if there are any other issues.
Check how many events recorded and see the power manager menu that will give you an idea of how the battery was used up.

Exact same problem here… Shame no one from Eufy seems to be able to solve the issue. I purchased the Eufy instead of Ring because of no monthly fees and good reviews but I’m regretting my decision now.

I also bought the doorbell because of those good reviews. But I am now so disappointed, and I think I will return it. Perhaps, most of the reviews on Amazon/Best Buy are fake???

Mine just went offline today for no apparent reason. Diagnostic passed. Rebooted multiple times. Still offline. I have the wired doorbell. Anyone have any luck contacting eufy to resolve this issue?

I’ve the same issue over and over again. Biggest crap I’ve ever bought
Keep away from this product is my advice

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