Eufy video doorbell hybrid battery/wired with pre roll

I’ve just seen LifeHackster’s YouTube video reviewing Ring video doorbell 3 plus battery/wired with 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi and 4 seconds pre roll.

My wishlist for eufy is this:

  • Facial recognition that works AI

  • 4k resolution with parcel bottom camera

  • Base station with nvme slot for faster read/write speeds

  • Base station with MicroSD slot

  • Magnetic door strip for alarm

  • 140db alarm built into base station with custom effects and voice alarm

  • Alarm deactivate when AI recognised owner getting keys out.

  • Voice greeting when owner opens door.

  • Eufy to bring their doorbell cameras to the UK so that we can buy them.


WOW those are some great ideas! I think the parcel camera will be great because there will be competition for maximus and it will be a HUGE selling point considering only Maximus has this feature.

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All great ideas and willing to pay more for those features :v:t2:

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Thank you huni x

I don’t see them doing that but we can dream lol. Thx huni x

Oh wow, I was wrong lol just received a reply on the Anker forum.

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Wow I love the ideas here!! Hopefully Eufy will make a new video doorbell that has a lot if not all of these wonderful ideas!!

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I can now say that I’ve recently purchased the battery version from your online store in the UK yayyy. Well done Eufy and about time too. Now I’m waiting:

  1. To use usb port on the back of the HomeBase 2 for external storage.

  2. 2fa security for account on the app

  3. RSTP Live feed url for desktop recording doorbell camera as we were promised and it’s mentioned in the help menu in the app.


Just received a reply from Eufy support and news about RSTP

“The battery doorbell is expected to support RTSP/NAS in June.”

Would like the pre roll function to be added. Useful little feature

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I want it back too and I hope that Eufy adds it to the battery version via firmware update. I keep missing people when my motion detection kicks in.

I agree totally. Especially if the battery is connected to the mains

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Eufy video doorbell Team - You promised us in June

“The battery doorbell is expected to support RTSP/NAS in June.”

It’s now July. Any news please?

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I’m looking at purchasing home security for the first time and am interested in the Eufy doorbell, cam 2s and the floodlight but there are some feature limitations, like lack of RTSP for doorbell and floodlight, holding me back.

@AnkerSupport when will the video doorbell support RTSP? Will the 2 device limit of RTSP still apply?

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Also wondering when RTSP is available for the doorbells.

Curious, what would this feature offer (ie why would I want this feature)?


No news about the RTSP feature for doorbell ?

Hi There,

Just got mail from eufy support below for rtsp.
They said it cannot support RTSP feature. Without this, it’s so awful if someone try to break and take the cam, we don’t have any trace for the crime. It beat the purpose of the video doorbell.


arggg. Really? So no RTSP for doorbells ever? :(((

Welcome to the realm of Eufy - promise everything so people buy and then say it’s not possible.