Eufy update required to Integrate two home base stations please

So all my connected devices are available and configurable as one system.

Storage can be used as dual backup or extended storage for all devices.

Able to automate from any connected device across either homebase as one integrated system.

Effective created one system with a much better coverage.

Able to arm all devices from one keypad.

Able to alarm both base station if triggered

Able to use both base station as a doorbell for better coverage.


Is that a suggestion or something you are able to do as i cant seem to use both basestations to ring the doorbell chime alert or automate devices across two base stations.

Probably @mike.rigbye suggested the ability to perform those functions if the 2 homebases can be integrated. As of now, I have not heard of any plans to integrate homebases.

These are good ideas since i find myself with 2 base stations. If they could both exist on the same eufy home they could extend or duplicate storage, and both ring for a doorbell.

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