Eufy smart lock mobile app not unlocking the door

I just purchased and installed new Eufy smart lock.
this is first attempt on self installation on any kind of lock. so total newbee here.
I am able to lock and unlock it manually.
but having problem locking and unlocking it using mobile app.

when I use mobile to unlock the locked door, it does not unlock the door. The unlocking mechanism does move the knob from locked to unlocked position but stops just before the unlock symbol.

similarly, using mobile to lock the unlocked door , it does not even move the locking knob at all saying bolt might be locked.

but I am able to lock or unlock manually.

any ideas what I am missing?

Make sure you calibrated the lock (or do so again if you have). Have you tried using another phone /tablet with the same affect? If that still doesn’t resolve, I’d suggest customer service